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I have a Canon 20D, ok I can't afford most canon lenses and I am considering a wide angle lens and a macro lens. I have a canon 18-55mm so the wide angle would have to be less than 18mm and also was considering a 150 macro. The way I feel is rating by manufacture in my choice would be Sigma first than maybe a Tamron and than last Tokina. But I have been out of the camera business for some time. And I am looking for some feedback if anyone has any or tested any of these lenses.
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I have 20D too and I use Tokina 12-24 f4 for wide. I really don't know why it is the last in your list. IMO it's the best wide lense for the money. I had Sigma 12-24 and returned it after trying out the Tokina. If you don't plan to go full-frame in near future, Tokina is worth trying.
Can't say anything about 150 macro tho

Good luck!
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i also have the tokina 12-24 and just love it.. probably the best value in super-wides right now.. you lose 2mm to the canon 10-22 but optically they are at the top of the list..

a sigma 150 macro is just a superb lens, but its pretty costly... the 100mm from tokina is nice, as is the 105mm from sigma and the 90mm from tamron.. they are all very similar in optic quality.. the sigma and tokina are cheaper and are a little better value..
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I always respect the Tokina brand (Tamron also makes some excellent lenses); However, the reason to chose Sigma for me was always the HSM feature - Theses AF drives are not only silent (and fast), but the full-time manual feature is something I can't live without... It varies on each individual whether this ultrasonic and the full-frame features are worth the extra cost or not for the 12-24mm EX

IMO there's nothing such as a 'bad' macro - People who buy theses type of lenses are pretty picky bunch anyway. The only reason why folks opt for the longer lens is for the greater standoff distance, and what makes a 150mm EX nice is it's lighter than a 180mm to handhold (beside the faster f/2.8 ) - again the HSM feature is a bonus here since with macro you'll need full-time manual overide of the AF:

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