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Well, I'm about to buy a Rebel XT with the kit 18-55 and a 70-300 lense. I've been told I should put a UV filter on the lenses, if for any reason just to protect them.

With anything I've started to look into the different types and brands and it seems I know even less now. Would just a UV filter be fine or would I benifit from a poloraizing filter outside? Is one brand better than another? Even Hoya has like3 or 4 different grades of filters, should I go ahead and spend more or will a "cheaper" one work just fine. And as far as that goes, an off brand off of ebay work just fine?

Thanks for the help.
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You can not put a polarizing filter on all the time...
It will cut your lens speed by several stop!

I realize what people say about color filters on a digital camera, but I use KR 1.5 or 3 for all my lenses instead for their warming effects... -> I got the UV for free (any glass is a UV filter) :lol: :-) :G

You should pick the price of the filter according to your lenses values :idea:

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Most pro's I know don't use UV filters for lens protection.

Your paying to get that good glass and lens coating right out front!

Forget the filter and learn how to take care of your lenses.

-- Terry

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Well sometimes stuff just happens... maybe you trip and fall one day and your lens makes contact with concrete front-first...

and then there are other times when it makes sense to use a filter for protection... such as when you're at a windy beach.

i think b & w are one of the top brands. I got a really cheap one for free when i bought the sigma 30, and i can't really tell much of a difference picture-quality-wise...

but what i DID notice was that the paint from the filter was chipping off on the lens whenever i screwed the filter on/off... so every since i haven't used it.
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I own several high end lenses and have paired them all with Hoya HMC Super UV filters. I recently purchased a Sigma 150mm EX DG Macro lens and so I wanted to get a filter for it. I came across this UV shootout review: http://www.pbase.com/fstopjojo/uvtest. So I went ahead and took a chance on the S&W multicoated UV filter from ebay for about $11.50 shipped. I can't tell any difference between shots taken with or without the filter... which is exactly what I want. I just want the physical protection it provides (finger prints, dings, dust, scratches, etc). So from now on, S&W filters for me.
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I guess it depends on the lens.

I got some Hoya Pro filters - the most expensive ones they had, but I don't remember the precise model.

My EFS 17-85 vignettes horribly with the filter at 17mm.

My 70-300 DO picture quality suffers dramatically, perhaps its the DO optics or something, but using that filter is a fast way to turn a good lens into a miserable performer.

I also realised that although I've been using a SLR for 15 years I have never scratched or damaged a filter. For all that time it's been an insurance policy I never had to cash in.

So given the optical compromises the filters sit in a drawer unused. 1 year later I have still not scratched or damaged a lens.

Unless I go to the desert or something I don't see myself ever using one again.
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i am w/ craig here..

unless i am on a beach with saltspray (not likely here in the midwest), or in the desert (also not likely here in the midwest).. i leave the UV's and such off.. i only put on a filter if it enhances something, such as a polarizer etc..
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