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Hello, Iv'e read some other reviews comparing the two lenses but I am going to be shooting baseball/softball from the 1st base/3rd base position to home plate or the outfield. I will be shooting mostly offhand and I know that for the action shots the IS isn't going to help. Any opions on which would be the better lense for this situtation?
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I have found the extra 100mm of focal length on my 70-300 IS to be very useful in crew (rowing) photography. Depends on how close to the action you plan to get. Don't write off IS for sports photography. The 70-300 has two levels of IS, selectable by a switch. The first is standard IS, when the camera is still. Even if you are shooting action, unless you are in bright sunlight you may appreciate IS when handholding at 200-300 mm. Remember the focal length is multiplied by 1.6 in the 300D, 350D/XT, and 20D. If you can handhold a 480mm lens on a 35mm camera on a cloudy day, you don't need IS. You can also find a job as one of those performance artists in tourist spots that look like a statue until you get up close. The second IS option stabilizes in the vertical direction only, and can be used for panning, such as when you are following a base runner.
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I like theimage qualityof 70-200 f4. It is real sharp lens. Using 1.4xTC, you get 280mm at f5.6. What's the max aperture on the 70-300IS, I think it is f5.6, isn't it? I haven't seen any 100% crops from the 70-300IS so can't comment on the image quality. Lots of 70-200 f4 do have back focus problem so you have to be aware of that if you buy one. Test it and send to canon for recalibration, if not performing well.

BTW - I use my 100-400L IS for baseball, soccer. Havne't used IS during any of the shoots.
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I've tested these lenses here http://www.pbase.com/fstopjojo/70300s
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