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Hi everyone,

I was just looking around at the 500d and I noticed there's also a 250d with a diopter of 4 (vs 2 for the 500d) and that means it's "stronger". I was wondering what this means exactly?

I've tried searching here and googling but I can't find any comparisons between these 2 close-up lens adapters so I figured I'd ask.

What's the difference between the 250d and 500d functionality wise? they appear to be the same price but the 500d comes in more thread sizes.

I have a sigma 70-300mm apo dg macro and I was thinking of getting one of those for this to make it fully 1:1 but I don't know which is better for my lens between the 250d and 500d.

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I would recommend getting a set of extension tubes and a set of close up filters. Kenko AF tubes are great and Hoya has close up sets that perform pretty well.
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I wasn't really looking to add a bunch of stuff to my camera bag (there isn't even any room! hehe) so I was sorta just looking for a 1 item solution.

I also don't understand the difference between the diopters etc so I don't know how a set would help me. If you had a link that explained the difference between diopters that would be really helpful

So, you don't think the canon 250d or the 500d would be a good selection for me?

I figured I could also use it on my kit lens
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Those close up lenses change your inifinity focus...

for instance, the 250d will change focus infinity to 250mm and the 500d will change it to 500mm. Or at least thats what i remember reading olnce upon a time.

So I'd think the 250 would have a larger effect... But basically, although I'm not exactly sure about the the diopeter numbers myself, i think i've boiled the concept down to two options:

1)the 250 has 4x magnification, the 500d has 2x. I think there could be quality degredation if you use a larger magnification lens (just like using a 2x tc vs a 1.4tc)... which is why i'd guess the 500d would be more popular.


2)the number deals with the infinity focus change. the large the number, the smaller your max focal length becomes. The smaller your max length becomes, you get a larger subject.

BUT what I am positively sure of, is that the 500d acts like a 2x magnification lens. Which is why i think 1) seems more valid.

the thing is I'm not sure about them affecting the MIN focusing distance. If you have a lens that has a min focusing distence at 400mm, how could you use the 250D that has a MAX focusing distence of 250mm?

I know extension tubes increase your min focusing distence and i often hear about extension tubes and close ups used together. So I'm not too sure about JUST using a close up filter...

but in your case of using the 1:2 zoom, maybe the 500d should be good enough.
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Thanks..you had me... then confused me.. but in the end I agree

I guess the 250d is for a lens that only goes 1:4 macro and then it will make it 1:1 but in my case a 500d would be the right kind

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The 250D is suited for lenses with a focal length anywhere from 30 to 135mm. The 500D and 500 are geared for lenses with a focal length anywhere from 70 to 300mm.
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