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Best lens for birds, 600 f4 IS from canon. Expensive and heavy.

Next best 500 f4 IS, still expensive but more manageable

next best 300 f2.8 IS with 1.4xTC or even 2xTC -still on expensive side

Next 400 f5.6 - Reasonablein price ($1100), fast AF, light,best for birds in flight shots

Then you can throw in others, like 100-400, 50-500, 300f4 IS etc.

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This is why I'm considering a camera with built-in IS. For the price of one f/4 prime you can get an entire new system - heck even a KM 7D/5D with a Sigma 300-800 EX for less all with' anti-shake'!

IMO a camera with built-in IS and a 50-500 EX will be the best (or a 120-300 f/2.8 + 2xTC) - Most folks don't want to go on an expedition... I usually go on vacation and shooting birds is only a side trip so to be able to handhold is key. If I have to take a 500L or a 600L f/4 with me (and a sturdy 'manageable' tripod) - that's more like work and not fun anymore... :?

If your paycheck depends on the images then go ahead... I'm only in it for the (affordable) fun :idea:

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Check this out for sport: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/re...ssage=15518903
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