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I recently purchsed the 70-200 f2.8 L after a disappointing test run with the 24-105 f4L.

The 70-200 has been a much better lense BUT I have encountered some interesting issues maybe someone can comment on. In some shots things are crystal sharp..so sharp it is actually amazing . You can enlarge the image almost endlessly and see little degradation of sharpness. However at similar F stops lighting and zoom things can get soft. It seems the lense in certain situations ever so slightly front focuses just enought to soften things. I have no idea what causes this.

Recently I shot a lot of landcape shots and none where sharp sharp. The light was not bad and I was shooting at 250 plus shutter speed ..I am at a loss as to know what is going on. hummm..any ideers peoples ?

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Post some example pictures of sharp and un-sharp!

Did you get the IS version of the 70-200L? What camera are you using?

Reasons why things could be unsharp:

* You didn't hold the camera still enough
* You leaned forward or back after focussing. With low f-stops at 200mm the DOF is small!
* The AF sensors picked something else than you intended. At least on the 10D the AF sensor is actually larger than the viewfinder suggests.
* The camera plus lens combo back or front-focusses
* The subject you try to capture moved


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1/250 is borderline handholdable for this lens, as you must also consider the crop factor when going by the 1/focal length rule. And this really isn't a rule at all, but more of a guideline. Individual results will vary.

I would shoot some shots of static subjects while mounted on a tripod. If you get consistently good results, consider your shooting technique. If you still get varied results, consider getting your equipment calibrated.

Chris M
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I recently did some testing with my Sigma 70-200 2.8 and found that working with a monopod definitely sharpened up the long tele end. At 2.8 and the DOF was a couple of inches...

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