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I'm about to dive head first in the the DSLR world like so many others... And I was about 2 seconds away from ordering the Pentax, that is until I heard about their new affiliation with Samsung. I'm not a fan of Samsung, but have always been a fan of Pentax. The first SLR I ever used was an old ME Super. Anyway, so I have a lot of lenses for Pentax and that's why I was going to go with them until I heard the Samsung news... I have liked the canon more and more and actually liked it more even after deciding on the Pentax. I just had all those lenses so thats why I chose it... But now, my mind is made up 100%... I'm going with the D350 or Rebel XT here in the states.

This will be my first canon since an old Sure Shot owl that I won when I was a teenager, so I don't know much about them. I will be buying the camera, the vertical battery grip, at least 1 cf card, a couple of uv protector filters, etc.... The problem is that I'm on a very limited budget... So I can only really go for the kit lens and the Canon 75-300mm f4.0-5.6 III USM lens. Which to me is o.k. Because this will be my first canon and I will need something to get familiar with it and things like that. I can always upgrade my lenses later. But what I want to know is, how do these two lenses perform in their respective atmospheres? Does the zoom look awful on the 75-300? is the wide on the kit lens comperable to a disposable? I'm just looking for any help and all of the advice and opinions that I can get on the camera, the lenses, etc... in question.

Thanks for helping out!!! I really appreciate it!!!!
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The kit lens does pretty well, given enough light.

There's one review that suggests the sigma 18-50 3.5-5.6 is slightly better (with a slightly higher cost). The build quality is definitely better, imo (there's an actual focus ring instead of using the front rotating element on the kit lens)


And most people will suggest the sigma 70-300 APO over the canon's 75-300. Again, slightly more $ but better optically.

But if i was really pressed for money, I'd just stick to the kit lens and try for the sigma 70-300. Given the budget, I don't think you can do a lot better.

And it's been a while since I've used disposables so I'm afraid I can't compare. My guess is that these lenses will perform better...
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I've seen plenty of shots with the Canon Drebel 350 and the kit lens a respectable lens.

I'm not too sure about that 75-300 lens as it seems a little slow to me.

Do you really need the 300 end of it?

Another nice second lens to consider is the Canon 70-200 F4 lens.

Sigma has a slightly more expensive F2.8 version.

Or you could buy the Drebel body only, and stick on it a Tamron 18-200 which is a reasonable quality "do it all" lens.

Later, you could buy some more expensiveand higher qualityglass if you find yourself working a lot in a specific focal length.

-- Terry

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I got the XT with the kit lens three weeks ago, and I agree with Terry 100% ,body only with a tamron 18-200 or the sigma 18-200 would be better than the kit lens, they are both great do it all lenses, I sold the kit lens for 60$ CAD and boughta used sigma 18-200 for 300$ CAD . I know that I will need more glass as I go on ,but it is a good combo to start with on a limited budget.
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Are you speaking of the Canon 70-200 f/4L ??? I would absolutely LOVE that piece of glass, but it's a little out of my range right now.... I plan to someday get a full line up of L lenses and IS lenses, but I'm doing all I can to get the camera and operating lenses to learn the camera on right now.

I'll look in to the sigma.... I've heard some horror stories about Sigma, Tamron, and Quantaray. Are they actually as good as the Canon or any name brand lenses?

Thanks again for all the help everyone!
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i have the canon 75-300 .outside it is not bad .inside you will need pretty good light . i bought mine to take pictures of basketball games. pictures are ok but not great .you will need a tripod if you go over 200 mm . i wish i had spent the extra $$ and got one with IS .
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i had both the sigma 70-300 APO and the Canon 75-300 USM and can tell you the Sigma is much much better,and it focuses faster
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