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hinking of buying this lens for my 10D. Any body got any comments to make about my decision as it seems to be a very compact telephto zoom. :!:
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the new 70-300 4-5.6 IS can perform just as well. It may be longer, but I think it's thinner than the DO.

if build quality doesn't concern you, you could save quite a bit of money.
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The DO is an unusual lens.

Let me state this very clearly: most tests of the DO that you will find on the internet about this lens are RUBBISH.

Most tests compare the DO with (default) JPG or unprocessed RAW files at 100% magnification. Under those conditions the DO looks poor compared to even much cheaper lenses. With exactly the same processing steps as the lenses you will be considering as alternates the picture will not be as sharp. However with appropriately adjusted processing it will be sharp enough - it can be made sharp enough in post. It also exhibits other optical characteristics - ZERO Chromatic Aberration for example.

Some people do not like its optics under poor light conditions, feeling that it has very low micro-contrast, which really is simply an extension of the "it's not sharp" bandwagon that every internet "expert" bangs on about. But equally this lens has an optical look to it that is distinctive and can be quite lovely. And also remember that sometimes you don't particularly want an ultra-sharp shot, sharpness is not the only technical measure of a good photograph.

The DO has high resolution (not L-grade, but very good nevertheless) however it has low acutance. This means that to make it look "sharp" compared to non-DO lenses you have to apply extra sharpening in photoshop.

I would happily bet that the PRINTS you can get from the DO after suitable processing are better than anything in the 70-300 range except possibly the Sigma 100-300 EX.

Michael Reichman prefers his DO to the 100-400L for landscape work, he believes (with the appropriate processing) it is of higher optical quality.

It is a very compact semi-pro quality lens with excellent IS, excellent USM for fast AF, and it is inconspicous compared to L or EX lenses which are invariably much bigger and heavier.

Is it better than L lenses? No generally not. Is it better than non-L lenses? Yes. Is it worth twice the price of the new and excellent EF 70-300 IS? Well that's up to you to decide. It's a lens that demands the photographer learns how to get the best out of it, if you're prone to blaming your equipment when the photo doesn't turn out well then you'd be better off with a different lens.

I would highly recommend it as a landscape, street, travel and portrait lens, it is acceptable as an occasional wildlife lens, but if wildlife is your primarly use for a long lens you would be better off with a different lens, even if simply to reduce your post-processing time. If you primarily want a wildlife lens then I'd suggest the 100-400L or the Sigma 100-300 EX as better alternatives.

For some samples of what I have managed http://vanderwooks.blogspot.com
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Thanks Craig. The images on your website have now convinced me this will be the best lens for me as I usually sharpen up post editing. Your images are superb.
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