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My wife and I are going to Machu Pichu & Galapagos next fall and I wanted your thoughts and reccomendations as to what lens to take please. I have a Canon 10D with the following lens: Sigma15-30mm F3.5-4.5 EX DG, Canon28-135 IS, and Canon 75-300 IS. I know that the Canon lens are not "L" series and "L" series are not in my budget. But will thisgive me a good range? Is 300mm enough?I will be taking my Manfroto CF tripod and Sigma 500 DG super flash as well.
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Not sure about Machu Pichu, but I have heard that you can walk right up to the animals on the Galapagos Islands... I guess reach will always help in certain situations though. Sounds like you are pretty well set up. You might think about a teleconverter to extend your reach, if those lenses are compatible. It is a nice budget way to do that though it does reduce your light a little.

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Was down to both places a few years ago but mostly used my video cam. Both places would take advantage of all your lenses, wonderful closeups and long views from the boat and land. I'd take some large zip locks as both can be wet. If you have the chance to stay at Machu Pichu take it as you can stay late and go in early before the hordes arrive by the bus loads. If your going solo absolutly consider a guide, I'm cheap but glad I had one. I'm still in awe of the stone construction and terraces and so much more. ENJOY AND BE WELL
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I went to Machu Picchu and the Galapagosin January 2005. I used my Pentax Optio 555 which basicallyworks out toabout 35-175mm.

At Machu Picchu I could haveused a wider lens for the panoramic view. I took 4 or 5 pictures to get the view. My brother-in-law used a Canon camera that was 28-100mm and he got some better pictures than I did. However, my longer lens had the advantage on other pictures.

However, in the Galapagos, we both did just fine as you get right up close to the animals. They do not fear humans as everyone is extra careful not to feed them or harm them in any way.

I think you will be just fine with the lenses you have. Not even sure you will need the 75-300, but you may want to take it "just in case"

The trip was fabulous. You will have a great time. Just be sure to enjoy the animals and not have you face in your camera all the time.
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