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I think I have made an important decision in my search for a longer zoom lens: sharpness trumps reach every time. If I had a zoom with a 1000mm reach, it wouldn't matter if it couldn't produce sharp results. Also, for me, the ability to hand hold for shots is very important - whether it's braced against something solid or from a kayak. This means that I think I need IS. So that drops the Sigma 100-300 from my list, and leaves the Sigma 80-400 and the Canon 100-400L.
I've spent a few days looking at photos from these 2 lenses and have come to several non-scientific conclusions:
1) Canon lens owners are less likely to include the f-stop with the photo info
2) The Canon produces a lower percentage of sharp photos than the Sigma, but
both seem to approach their sweet spot around f8
3) There is at least one copy of the Sigma that produces sharp photos as low as

So I guess I'm leaning towards the Sigma now...
(3rd or 4th time I have changed my ming so far...)

Comments??? :?

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I have the Canon 100-400L with IS, but I always tend to use my Sigma 120-300 f/2.8 EX(without IS) more often...

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Between the L and the OS, I'd say get the L. The Sigma is very good optically but with 2 copies of the EX I've used the AF was s-l-o-w (20D, 1dMK2). I have the L and prefer the EX in almost every way except for the AF issue. If the Sigma had HSM, it's a whole new ballgame (albeit a whole new price too). You can view test shots at my site http://www.pbase.com/lightrules/lenstests
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