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Here are the test results from my initial time spent with this copy of the lens:

Please be kind on my bandwidth. Images here are full res and about 3-4 MB a piece. Thanks.


Summary of what I've noticed from pictures in my link above:

Indoor AF is mostly accurate at 50mm f2.8 but the lens (or maybe my camera?) has a hard time accurately AFing at 17mm f2.8 indoors.

Sharpeness at f2.8 17mm can be just as sharp as f8 17mm when using manual focus. Again, unfortuntly I haven't been able to do this with AF indoors. BUT.... outdoors I have been able to get handheld f2.8 shoots to be just as sharp in the center of the frame as f8.

Edge sharpness seems very decent (at f8 ). Note however there is some strong field curvature at f2.8 17mm and remember I'm shooting a wall so field curvature is shown at it's worse in this case.

I'm waiting to hear back from Klaus over at http://www.photozone.de about his thoughts on these samples and if they were similar to what he got with his copy he tested (the lens tested extremely well with the only con being the field curvature). If so then I'll probably keep this lens as I am very impressed with it compared to the other copy I had.
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