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I have been looking around for a new lens for my Canon 350D. I've tried a few out and decided on the range 28-200mm.

I like the Sigma 28-200mm f/3.5-5.6 and the price being around 160 is ok for my budget.

I have seen the 28-300mm f/3.5-6.3 is around 20 pounds more and I am trying to work out whether it would be a good idea to spend a bit further and get more focal distance.
  • 300mm @ f/6.3 would be quite usable in good light -- in lower lighting it would probably be a bit too slow[/*]
  • 300mm is quite a bit bigger/heavier than the 200mm[/*]
Does anyone have experience with these lenses? It seems that lenses perform their worst at their extremities such as wide open or at maximum zoom.

What are your opinions? (assumptions: budget is < 200, not after professional lens, want to go with one or the other)

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well I dont have any experience with sigma lenses (although I'd love to try them out but the local camera store doesnt carry them) I have had experience with tamron lenses of the same focal distance and I assume the two would be around the same. and I think that if you are not looking for a professional lens then I think a sigma lens would be just fine. you can do some research to find out which one is overall better and make your choice that way if you want. or you can go here http://www.pbase.com/cameras/sigmaand scroll down and find the two lenses and look at some sample pictures and that might help. I too had to decided between the 300 and 200 focal distance and I ended up with a canon 28-200 (a little more than your budget). My reason for that was that I wanted a canon lens, and the 28-300 was way out of my price range so that helped me decide. there was a post on here about this lens awhile ago saying that if you do get this lens make sure to get the one with the little red ring around the top and with a filter size of 62mm because that is the newer one and I've heard the older one doesnt work well with newer cameras like your 350D. you can go on the sigma website and it shows the newer version of the lens so you know what it looks like.

"It seems that lenses perform their worst at their extremities such as wide open or at maximum zoom."

I dont know aboutsigma but iknow that the tamron 18-200 is sharper at max zoom. Good luck picking a new lens.

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It would depend on what you are looking to do with the lens.Are you going to be shooting birds?Are you going to be just shooting the kids?I would recomend the 28-300 but I like to have alot of length.I have no experience with either of these lenses but I do own 4 Sigma lenses and love them.
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I have the Sigma 28-200mm and love it. It is a great walk around lens. Just make sure that it uses the 62mm filter. Mine also has the red ring around the front of the lens. I have a picture post in the landscape forum titled "Secret Cove". if you want to see an example.

I think that the 28-300mm is a bit too big of a range for a lens, But that is just my opinion.... :-)

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