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I'm with you - the importance is capturing the image. No one cares after the fact whether you hand held or not.

I also shoot sports and shoot with the 120-300. I prefer to use a monopod for exactly the reasons you stated - my images are more important than my ego. I'd rather save the fatigue and get sharper images than be able to brag I can hand-hold a 300mm 2.8 lens. In fact, even if you're using a 70-200 and want to use a monopod - I say go for it. Whatever works for you.

Congratulations on your purchase - I'm sure you're going to love the new lens.
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Thanks John;

I am enjoying it quite a bit. Tomorrow it goes with me to my sons Babe Ruth league baseball game. Can't wait.

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I am new to this forum, and maybe this was addressed. I own a 300 2.8 IS and the lens is great. Vary sharp. I have found I can hand hold fine in some cases. Best with my 1DS MKII and 5D however, with my 20D I'm not shooting a 300mm, I'm shooting a 480mm because of a 1.6 facter, and when I add the 1.4 exstension it now becomes a 672mm effectively. Your 10D will be at least in this range. I don't know about you but Icannot hand hold that and get the sharpness that lens is capable of. Mono pod seems to help in the real world of lens facters and none full frame cameras. Enjoy the lens
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Peter or dlearyfun can't remember which was concerned, the plate goes on the foot of the tripod collar on the lens, not the camera. the edges are bevelled and slide into the quick release on the head of a tripod/monopd. the wimberley plate has 2 screws at the ends so it won't be able to slide out of the quick release if the quick release loosens a bit. But, if you have the safety screws in the plate you can't slide it into the quick release. you have to loosen up the quick release wide enough to place the plate in it and then tighten the quick release. I think it is better seen than written. If no one eklse does, i will try to take a picture of both and post it or email you off line sometime.

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