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Can you view picture prior to taking it on the lcd screen when using a digitla lcd (canon 30d)?? I can with the digital pocket camera (Olympus 571) but I don't know if you can with a slr digital camera????.>>.....:roll:
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For most DSLRs the answer is NO - you can't. Olympus I believe has a model where you can do this and I believe the newly announced panasonic DSLR will have this feature.

One of the major obstacles has been the way DSLRs work - i.e. a mirror or prism being in between the lens and sensor to reflect image up to the viewfinder. That mirror or prism moves when the shutter fires to expose the sensor. The olympus camera has 2 sensors - one for taking the picture and one for displaying the live image on the lcd.

There are 2 major issues with using an lcd based focus strategy with a DSLR - First is the battery drain. But, more importantly IMO is it is less stable because the camera isn't pressed up to your face as it would be if you're focusing through the viewfinder. It's also going to be less precise for determining focus and manually focusing.

So far none of the Canon or Nikon DSLRs have this capability. But who knows what the future will bring?
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I guess if you want this feature you have to go to the 4/3 dSLR camp - The new Lumix has it too: http://www.steves-digicams.com/pr/pa...006_l1_pr.html

BTW there's a company who sell an LCD screen add-on which can you can attach to any SLR's viewfinder if you really want to have this feature: http://www.maxmax.com/Zigview.htm
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