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I plan on purchasing a Digital Rebel 350D soon, and was looking for advice to what lens I should start out with.

I would like to shoot a variety of things, from macro to portraits, to landscape photos, etc.

Consulting one person, I was informed that the kit lens is crap, and I should just buy the body and get the Canon f/1.8 50mm lens, and go from there.

But, I'm heading to Colorado soon and I think I would go crazy without the ability to zoom.

Basically, I am just looking for an inexpensive, versatile lens to start out on, and move on from there. Which could very well be the kit lens.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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get the kit lens... assuming you dont have a trained eye to find every flaw the are reasonably good lenses.

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the kit lens is definitely THE lens to start out with. later on, you'll realize what type of lens will serve you better. It's probably not worth taking the risk and buying something so expensive and not using it in the end.
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I started with the kit lens and a 70-300 APO Sigma Macro.This was more than enough for me as it covered the full focal legnth I needed and gave me a basic macro also.The Sigma is around $225.Used this for a year and learned the camera.
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Allow me to echo what everyone else here is saying. Buy the kit lens and then in a few months you'll see what your needs are. I'm really happy with what I can get out of it. I also bought the 50 f/1.8 for shots of people but only after a couple of months -- it's a useful lens but not ideal as an all-rounder.

The kit lens is also nice because it has a very wide 18mm for landscapes -- the film EOS usually came with 28-90mm and the bigger zooms i.e up to 105mm or 200/300mm start at around 28mm to 70mm.


All the photos here were taken with the kit lens unless otherwise stated (which would be the 50mm)

Since it's summer you'll probably want to get a circular polarizer filter which is useful against the glare from the sun and to cut down on reflections. You'll want a 58mm filter size.

Enjoy the camera.

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Thanks, everyone. I ended up sticking with the kit lens for now (only $40 more than the body-only version).

Nice pictures, alexellisuk.

Now, it's time to start saving up for another lens!
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