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I used this lens at the USGP in Indy for a weekend and in London for a week and I feel it was a great choice. There were a couple of time I wish I had something wider, and something longer, but this gave me the ability to carry a single lens, relatively light, and fairly small. I got a few comments from other amateur Canon enthusiasts saying they liked my setup.

But what really sold me was the IS. In a lot of cases, we were running across streets or on the move or caputuring race cars moving quickly, and the lens always focused instantly and got a sharp shot, something I could not have done so consistently with other lenses. Even at night, I was able to handhold shots and got stuff that was very sharp without any any special technique on my part.

An interesting effect of the IS was as I panned a fast moving car, the IS would from time to time make the image "jump" in the viewfinder as it got its focus on the car in the new position. The first time it happened, it looked like the mirror was slow to return, but I realized the effect happened only when I moved the camera quickly trying to center something as the camera moved.

Anyway, the lens really is a great addition to a 20D, despite many folks saying the range is not quite correct on an APC sensor camera.

Finally a question. I noticed that when I used the square green setting on the camera (full auto) and then switched to "P" for more control over exposure and flash usage, the amount of remaining pictures on the card changed, always lower on the "P" setting. This struck me as odd seeing as how I was shooting .jpg. Is this because in "P" the camera calculates worst possible case? Or is this because it does less compression in this mode?

The last 4 weeks are the first I've been able to really work with the camera for several days straight, and I've learned quite a bit about how it works (finally). It made me realize I probably do want to read the manual after all ;-).

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The ISO setting may have been set higher in the P mode. When you switched to full auto, the camera reset the ISO to a lower valueresulting inpotentially more remainingphotos. Try setting the ISO to 100 in the AV or TV modes. Check the number of shots left, then set the ISO to 1600 or 3200. The number of remaining photos goes down. Also make sure you don't have the RAW + jpeg setting on by accident.
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