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f2.8 is not a must, in general you'll get shallower depht of field with the D10 for the same setting as on the D7's. The DOF is shallower the longer the lens for the same aperture, for example you'll get less DOF at 135 than @ 28mm. ie the DOF chart varies according to the lens/focal lenght and not the camera!

The 28-135IS is a very versatile and light lens. I'm still trying to decide on this lens myself (I only have the 17-35 and 70-200 both f2.8 @ this time). I'm torn between it and the 24-70 f2.8, also a Sigma EX since I shoot mainly wide... I prefer f2.8 because of the brighter viewfinder as well.

For your type of shooting may be the 70-200 f2.8 is a better choice for shallow DOF since f2.8 is constant across all focal lenghts. At long, the f-stop is going to be smaller on the 28-135 IS still :? Tamron has a 28-105 f2.8. It's pricey but then with a tele-converter you'll are getting in fact a 2nd usable lens but on the cheap!
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the newest crop of 2 mode IS lenses such as my 70-200 2.8 L IS USM are panning designed IS lenses.
mode 1 vertical
mode 2 horizontal(pan)
if not in motion(stationary) and in mode 2 it will revert to mode 1 until it senses horizontal movement. then it goes into mode 2 auto. at least that is what i was told by canon today. i'll let you know next week around friday.
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