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You won't see any loss from an exposure perspective (brightness of the image), because the camera's metering is looking through the TC to determine the shutter speed needed to properly expose the image for the lighting and ISO speed you're using.
Since you quoted my comment maybe I should rephrase.... I understand the operation of a TC. I was stating that I see no loss of image quality or sharpness when using the 1.4 on my 300 2.8 for those concerned about quality loss.
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I don't doubt that. That's one sweet lens from all accounts. :-)

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Widowmaker wrote:
Ok from searching the 1.4x II and 2x II can stack but the 1.4 has to go behind the 2x II. I guess the back of the 2x is recessed.
Same with the Sigma's both 2x and 1.4x protrude and the 1.4x has to go behind the 2x

PeterP wrote:
If you want to really push it you can stack a 2x and a 1.4x to turn a 300 F2.8 into an 840mm F8 lens.
I did just that:
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This is a shot with the Sigma 50-500 with the 2x. This was taken during a Lunar eclipse so the moon is a different color and more detail is shown than when it is illuminated.

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