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here is my delima. I had Rebel XT before with 10-22 an 17-85 IS lens. The pics from the 10-22 were just awesome. But anyway I sold the whole collection and bought the SonyDSC-R1. Big mistake. I was afraid of spending too much on different lenses was my reason for getting the sony. Well I sold the sony and am back with the rebel for a few months now and i can't decide between the 10-22 and the canon 17-40 F4L. Most of my pics were shot with 17mm and I think I could use the 10-22 as walk around lens and be happy, and later get a 70-200 F4L. Id like to hear from people that keep their 10-22 on their camera most of the time or as their only lens and see if you feel the need for added reach of something longer. Thanks.

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You seem pretty impulsive Jab, but now you are back in the Canon fold welcome.

I had the 20D with the 10-22, and 17-85 IS, although I was impressed with the field of view of the 10-22 lens I was dissapointed with the softness in the edges which I could not sharpen in photoshop because the centre was sharp enough, just faded away markedly at the edges. This was very anoying when stitching the wide angle shots into panoramas. I sold the 20D and the pair of EFS lenses I had purchased to finance the 5D I now own.

To use the 5D, I bought the 17-40 f4,0 L and the 24-105 f4,0 L IS to add to the 70-200 f4,0 L I wisely bought when I had the 20D.

I find now that the mid range zoom is on the body 90% of the time, 24mm is really very wide angle, only inside buildings and for extreme DofField do I use the 17-40.

So my advice would be to get the 17-40 f4 L, if you like the very wide angle, although this will not be as wide as the 10-22 EFS, but the results will be higher quality, better contrast and increased edge sharpness, and when you move to full frame you will get the extreme wide angle you desire, and not be forced to sell your lens. I think if you buy the 10-22 you will ultimately sell it with the body, at a loss of course,as I did,then you willwish you had spent a bit more up front on the better quality glass which you will keep. All this is IMHO.
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