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So this salesman at J&R tries to convince me that a 1mp difference between the Canon S3(6mp - $400) and the S2(5mp - $305) is worth paying $95 more.

Besides a slightly bigger LCD, there is no other difference.

I kept saying that 1mp is not much, but he tried to absolutely convince me the resolution is higher. According to these calculations, 20mp is double of 5mp, correct?

doubling resolution requires quadrupling the number of megapixels.

8mp is _not_ double of 4mp.

4sqrt = 2

8sqrt = 2.83(not double of 2)

16sqrt = 4(double of 2)

100 = 10 x 10

200sqrt = 14.14 (not double of 10)

400sqrt = 20(double of 10)


4mp = 2000 x 2000

8mp = 4000 x 2000(_not_ double resolution of 4mp)

16mp = 4000 x 4000(double resolution of 4mp)

How do the S3 and S2 compare to the Kodak P712 - 7.1mp, 1/2.5" CCD, 36-432mm, hot shoe, $430, Fuji S9000 and the Lumix FZ30?
I like that they use SD and AA, and have a rotatable LCD. Too bad no hot shoe.

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5 to 6 mp isn't a big difference, unless you're into poster-printing

the other differences between the 2 is the noise/iso stuff... a bit of an improvement, but that's all... slightly bigger screen... body color... and a sports mode (yawn)...

is it worth an extra $95? I think if I were going from nothing to a new camera, I'd debate.. but would probably go for the cheaper, and spend the difference on rechargeables, polarizer, etc if you need those
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