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Firstly, my apologies if this issue has been raised in this forum already and the answer is there for me to find. I will be looking I assure you.

My father-in-law has/had ZoomBrowser EX 4.7 (I think) installed and it stopped recognising his A75 when he connected it.

I attempted to uninstall with a view to reinstalling, but somehow the process died half way through. Now the the range of ZoomBrowser related software still shows in the Add/Remove Programs window (but without any details as to how large, when last used etc) but there is no desktop icon or Program file. In short the software is neither installed or uninstalled!

Clicking on Add/Remove for the components listed does nothing.(Didn't surprise me.)I tried to install the 5.7 Upgrade, hoping it would find enough of the original still present to work, but it didn't take. Produced an "Update installer error ..." message.

We're stuck. Anyone got any answers as to how to manually remove what elements of it there might be still on the PC, e.g. Registry entries to get rid off etc.

Any advice available much appreciated.


P.S, He also has Canon scanner software installed in case that is in any way significant.
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Hi AlanD

Since you said that your Dad has a scanner I assume that he also has a printer and probable prints his own digital photos.

My advise. Forget about zoombrowser. Go to Google and install Picasa. It is free and give you many options to edit your pictures (color, tint, crop, contrast, lighten, darken and many other options). Zoombrowser does not get close to give you the flexibility you will have with picasa. And remember, it is free.

I have been using Picasa for a long time and am very happy with it.

Hope this helps,



Your Dad is using a Canon A75. CF memory card. You should consider buying a card reader with multiple slots for different memory card sizes in case you decide to change your camera in the future. I hope you stick to Canon, It is the best. The card reader is very inexpensive ($10 to $20) depending where you buy it. I got mine at CompUSA. for about $l4. You can also check on E-bay, they have lots. Very easy to install and keep conected to your computer. You will not need to use your camera to download your pictures to your computer and the download takes only seconds.
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