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Hi!, i just want to know how Canon S3 performs in Indoor no flash no tripod shots, and also howit responds recording video indoor.I´ve looked for samples at pbase.com but i only found a few and i couldn´t find samples of this type anywhere else. I know this is not a camera specificallyfor this kind of situation but i want to know if it can take acceptable pictures with no flash and normal light indoor and if someone can link to sample pictures of this type, Thanx!
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I've tried using the S3 for indoor shots with no flash and only ordinary flourescent lighting. Using AV (aperture priority) you will mostly be required to use 1/4 sec or less shutter speed on ISO 80 or 100which means that the quality of the pictures depends so much on the steadiness of your hands. In these cases the subjects should be very still and a tripod would be ideal. This is not good for taking candid shots -- they end up blurred most of the time. If you manage to hold everything still the pictures will come out great and the colors are quite good -- I usually set the White balance to Flourescent 2.

Using ISO 200 or 400 can allow you a faster shutter speed and the noise IMO are tolerable. I never use ISO 800, it's practically not good for printing. On extreme cases I use full manual mode under ISO 200 and use a faster shutter speed (1/20) and do a bit of Post production to increase the brightness level of the images -- they turned up surprisingly good with no banding.

Just experiment and have fun.
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I really don't see IS on current P&S cameras as useful as they make it out to be. It will come in handy at times. My guess is most consumers think it is going to magically make all pictures sharp, and you can't blame them because of the way its marketed. Panasonic really pushes it to the edge with their dance club commercial.

Considering the noise levels, such as the levels on the S3, IMO its not much help. Past 400 the noise is just too much. A good example would be a 1DMKII with a stabilized lens. Under fair indoor lighting, using a fast lens like 1.8 or 2.0, an ISO setting of at least 400 is needed. In alot of cases a higher ISO is needed. The difference here is the 1DMKII is very good with noise and ISO 1600 is very acceptable, equal to if not less than the noise levels of the S3 at 400 ISO.

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