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hi everyone,

read about the mp500 on this forum before purchase. well, not totally purchase...had extended warranty with best (not really)buy and when pixima 4000 bit the dust they would not repair but option to upgrade or swap out for epson. reading here and a few other places i decided best option quality wise was to go with the mp500. printing etc very satisfied with. realize there will be an issue when refill. however, this is what happened today...

printing pictures of my vehicle motor so hubby and friend, not mechanics lol, could put my motor back together. half way thru printing says one cartridge is out of ink, not true, another is dangerously low, not true and it won't let me print. i called canon and wanted to know how to set the eprom...no can do they say. they did offer to replace the one cartridge that is saying a false empty. doesn't do me any good today.

i told the tech that i have read on-line the problems with their chips...they measure number of fires, not actual ink. case in point...the photo black is almost full...and i mean almost. the printer reads it as half full. i brought this up and asked for level two tech...no can do. i told them the chip is faulty if it registers number of fires and not actual available ink. well, we all know this right.

canon is sending me a complete replacement set of ink tanks...ha...get mad enough and they offer to do this.

in the mean time i need to get clear on how to reset the eprom and so what if if get the 'you are violating' screen. when i read all the post on it am just a little unclear as to how to do this...tried holding resume for eons but nothing...am stuck at message UO41...and there is ink in the tanks.

if anyone out there isreally clear on this and can offer suggestions i will be very grateful.


ps, the one thread on software interface for the chip issue did sound like it might have promise...but when i try to print directly from printer sans computer it is locked up at the printer end...

what are we gonna do????????? i prefer canon, personal choice, but these new chips are not only bull but faulty.
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well, i have been reading and reading on this forum and the best link so far for my question is http://www.discountcartridge.com/index.htmlwhich has instructions for chip removal.THANK YOUmember benl who posted that link. they seem to have a good understanding of the chip on many levels.

my printer was locked up thru direct reading on the printer with memory cardand thru computer (test page). nowiam able to print once again. i hit reset, nothing, but then went back to memory card button and this time it worked. it said magenta was low, did i want to continue. naturally i have been thru this process multiple times yesterday, but tried again and it is now working. yesterday it said magenta was completely empty.

will at some point in the future it tellme i am voiding warranty...well, i knew that was part of the decision when i got this printer. i was just flabbergasted that the printer locked up. even my call to tech support (which sounded like outsourced to some distant land) said nothing i could do but replace tank, and fortunate i got irritated enough that they are sending a complete set, which i will save in case i eventually have to reset the memory with a fresh tank. in this thread http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...=40&page=9

Here are instructions on how to re-fill and get around the chip


Take care

this works only up toFOURTH "empty"cartridge.. Printer totally stops when all theFIVE cartridges indicate "empty" even though they are refilled , a new oem or unexhausted (chip which detection sensor and function have notyet been disabled) cartridge or chip is needed tomake the printer print again


why is it now suddenly working? have not a clue. will continue to monitor the situation and learn more from the discount cartridge folks.

i also think it a good idea for us to keep calling and raising a ruckus to cannon. the chips, for whatever reasons they have installed them, are faulty...bottom line. i have NEVER touched the photo black, it is almost full but reads as half empty.

also, the printer on, printer off while removing tanks does not seem to be an issue as i removed the tanks with printer on before reading not too.

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