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What kind of card should I get? I figure to get a 2gb but just want to make sure I get the right speed card.

Do I need the 133x or will the 60x do.


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Either card is fine, the 133x will download to thecomputer faster but both will operate about the same in the camera.
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I feel your pain with all the choices of speeds on the market today. I did the first best thing and call Canon and ask what SD card I should have to fully utilize all the features (10 mp, 30 fps, burst shooting) of this unit. They told me any speed card would be perfectly fine. Sure enough I purchased a 60x card and everything is running smoothly. The finest fastest video mode pauses for about two seconds once I stop recording but that is nothing because you rarely need to go from one video shot to another that quickly. Still shots are only limited by the flash spool up which is also quick because of the 4 AA.
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I can't speak directly for an A640, but in my A700 I did some testing and found that card speed does make a difference. Howeverwhethera fastercard speed actually matters or not really depends upon the type of shooting you are doing. Indoors with flash the flash recycling is the slow part of the process, so the card speed doesn't matter - you will still be waiting for the flash to recycle before you can shoot again most of the time. However, outdoors (or without flash indoors) I discovered that the time required to download the image to the card on a Sandisk Ultra II card was 3 times faster than for a regular-speed Sandisk card.

As for card size, generally I prefer not to have all my images on one big card that can be lost or fail, so when I use my Canon 20D I prefer several smaller cards. But the puny size of the SD cards makes it a pain for me to change cards on the fly, so I use big cards in my A700. 2gig will hold something like 670 images in my A700 ... more than sufficient for a week's family vacation in Disneyworld, I found.

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