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boom731209 wrote:
We ran around the room and then took 2 pictures of the same place... fujifil f30 didnt show any spots...
Look closer. There is a reflection from a dust particle in the upper right hand corner of the F30 image. It will become more visible if you brighten it with software.

Those photos are exposed differently (background far more underexposed with the Fuji, probably because the white closer to the camera was taking up more of the frame and the camera was trying not to overexpose it.

Some cameras are more prone to it compared to others. Heck, Fuji even had a section on it in one of it's online FAQs about at one time, complete with sample images. I used to have a link to one, but I've misplaced it. Here's a letter from Fuji someone published explaining it:


Smaller cameras with a flash located close to the lens tend to exhibit the issue more.

Dust, smoke/soot or water particles in the air can cause it when the light from the flash reflects from a particle that's very close to the front of the lens, and when they is not enough separation between the flash and the lens, the light can reflect straight back.

The worse I've ever seen it was taking some snapshots around a campfire with a little Konica KD-510z I've got, even though I rarely see it in other conditions with flash.

I've seen complaints and photos of this problem from a number of camera brands. It's not just Canon, and not just one model.

The little T series Sony models tend to have one of the worse reputations for it.

Solution (which is the same solution for redeye): If flash photos are a high priority, get a bigger camera with the flash located further away from the lens, or even better, use an external flash.

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Im following a 100% on your explanation, I had another cam that did that but not as much as canon sd800 and It was 1/2 the price. While doing out test with the fuji cam we created a room full of dust by shaking a broom.. fuji showed 1 to 3 halos while de Canon sd800 had at least 20-30... I recently bought a Kodak C875 tested it no halos apparent. I took pictures with sd800in a social dance setting.. and most of my pictures had halos... while others took the same pictures in the same setting and they had none... I just wasnt aware that this camera had so prone to this problem, if I had known I wouldve never bought it... I got refunded, got a new cam.. and everything is cool now...
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