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Hi Gang

We have been responding to Odin under Contact Steve's regading this Canon issue. Not sure if that is where this all started or not. We are not aware of Canon producing substandard product at any facility. We most certainly wouldreport poor quality if we encountered such. Having said that, we consumers are all aware of knockoffs, and certainly purses are not the only things thieves will copy. So as I said in the Contact Steve's thread, if someone believes they have a substandard product then they should contact the manufacturer to see if their seriel number is legit. If so then they need to work with the manufacturer for a satisfactory resolution. If the seriel number is not legit then the owner of the camera should be in contact with their point of purchase and work with them.

Regarding posts here. We will not stand for personal insults between members. If we feel comments are non constructive we will take action.

Update: Just received from Canon USA

"Manufacturing of the PowerShot S5 IS digital camera is currently carried out at two Canon factories, one in Japan and the other in China. The main reason for this is that worldwide demand for this model is extremely high, and the use of two factories helps Canon to increase its total manufacturing capacity, thereby accelerating the delivery of cameras to our customers. Our digital camera factory in China is called Canon Zhuhai, Inc., and it is located in Guangdong province on the Chinese mainland, not far from Hong Kong. Canon Zhuhai was established in 1990, and it produces not only compact digital cameras but also Canon laser beam printers, multifunction printers, and contact image sensors used in Canon scanners and multifunction devices. It is a thoroughly modern and up-to-date facility, and it is a proud member of the worldwide Canon group of companies.

PowerShot cameras manufactured at the Canon Zhuhai factory use exactly the same components, inside and out, as PowerShot cameras manufactured in Japan. Other than the country of origin nameplate on the bottom of the cameras, there is no difference whatsoever between the cameras we manufacture in Japan and the cameras we manufacture elsewhere, including those made at the Canon Zhuhai factory. "

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This thread, while maybe not all that interesting to most of us, has at least rattled some cages and gotten some action going on this rather quiet forum.

About Canon,....I would be the most surprised person on this forum if they were doing something unethical. They recently sent me a duplicate check for $100 for a rebate that I had filed on a pair of IS binoculars nearly four years previously. I apparently had never cashed the check. I didn't even remember it,....they contacted me!

Quality,...I just bought a TX1 and have compared it's quality to the that of other hybrids that I've owned and used. It is superior in every way and a very, very, fine camera. I have no idea where it is made. I may well be a Canon lifer,.....wherever they have their cameras made. Let's face it, if they were made in the USA, they'd cost four times as much and probably not work nearly as well.

Changeling, I hope you give your camera an honest try and get many years of good service from it.

P.S. Steve, thanks for reining us in before it got too testy!
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