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zrglb Aug 22, 2008 9:04 AM

I had a common problem with defective sensor on my a95.
Took it to certified service, they replaced it for free, but they told me that after replacement camera still is not functional, because of almost broken flat cable that controls electronics in lens itself.

My camera powers on properly but it does not show anything on screen. When I take a picture, and switch to viewing pictures mode it shows a picture I've just taken, but it's all distorted with purple(ish) color and some stripes.

Once in every 10 or so power ons screen shows proper viewfinder picture, and takes normal photos.

Service told me that this is repairable, but they need to change complete lens, and that it costs about 200euro.

Did someone else had this type of problem?

Also, are lenses from a75,a85,a95 compatible/interchangeable, because I'm thinking of buying a defective a camera and using it's lens on mine...

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