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Klute Jul 30, 2009 5:18 PM

Problem with Canon Powershot A60
Hello all, I'm new here and was hoping that someone might be able to give me some advice on a problem I have with my Canon A60. I bought a Canon Powershot A60 a good few years ago from Dixons. It has been well cared for, used lightly and has never been dropped. A few months ago I noticed that there seemed to be a problem with the images the camera was taking and on the LCD which has progressively got worse. Every image taken now looks like this:[email protected]/3772165545/sizes/l/

I had a look online and saw it was a know issue with several canon digital cameras:

I took the camera to my local Canon Service Centre in Glasgow today as listed on the website and they looked at the camera and said that as well as the ccd fault (which they confirmed my camera does have), the camera had other issues and that the repairs would cost me 60+ and that the ccd issue could not have caused the horizonal lines on the image. I told them that I had seen many images on forums online with the same issue as my camera with the magenta tinge and lines and that repair of the ccd had fixed the issue. I asked to have just the CCD issue repaired and that I would take it from there. He then said that they would only carry out the ccd repair if I had the other work which he was non specific about done as well so 60+ or nothing.

I left and did not pay as I have serious doubts about the other repairs he claims the camera needs. I know my camera is pretty old now but surely I am still entitled to have the fault on my camera fixed .At the time I bought it I paid 345 for it and could probably buy a better digital camera for 60 now. I'd love to know what other digital camera users make of this as I have always been loyal to Canon with film camera's as well but if this is not resolved I don't think I will be able to trust them again.

Many thanks in advance for your feedback / advice.

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