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The Panasonic FZ-35 is an excellent choice, and it carries on the FZ-28 tradition.

Have a great day

Sarah Joyce
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i have this feeling that no matter what camera you have, you are going to find something wrong with it.
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Default Is it the Canon Technology or just skill

Hards80,... I guess I will have to disagree with that statement. I remember the exact day I purchase my first Canon and that was in 1972. I had flown to Japan on Company busines but before I had left the states I had done all the investigation I could on Canon SLR cameras. I bought the Canon FTB with the f/1.8 50mm lens. Within a year I had purchased 3 other lenses and finally ended up with a Soligor 35-135mm Zoom lens. I used this camera for 15-20 years until I gave up shooting with film. I loved that camera, and all the lenses,... and yes I still have it and it stil works great. I switched over to Video Cameras and have gone through 3 generations and I how have a excellent Sony 8mm that I still use.

I got back into still photography when some of the first digital P&S came out, first with an Olympus, but then with the Canon S3 IS plus a SD1000 for my wife and a SD750 for my daughter. I loved the S3 and the power the Zoom gave to me and the image quality was terrific. Then I got the Megapixel bug and bought a Canon G7, and that has also been an outstanding camera. I have 5 image panoramics taken of the entire range of the Swiss alps in Grinderwald and printer as an 11"x28". Again the image quality is so great on all of these. I loved all of these cameras and I still have all of them.

The 2nd day after I received my Canon XSi I was VERY UNHAPPY. I did not like to focus on most of the shots. Since I have already posted my problems with the XSi there is no need to repeat it again. I'm learning to use it, but I'm still not happy with the shots I get.

Today I went up to the Sierra's to shoot the new snow and took my S3 and the XSi. I shot duplicate images with both cameras to compare them. Tonight looking at the images at 100%, the S3 shots were better in each case. The image was much sharper and more in focus. Of course the lens on the S3 goes from f/2.5 to f/3.7 so with any given light at 100 ISO my S3 was always up at 4 or 5 and the XSi was at 7.1 to 8. This should not have made any difference as the DOF was 15-20' for both. The difference was once I looked close at my focus point of the XSI, I had not selected an easy target,... it was basically P&S. The images were very difficult to focus on,.. a mixture of rocks and snow. But this should have provided excellent contrast, but it was also in the shows so the contrast was not that good. My point is, I did the same thing with the S3 and the shots were great.

I've run out of my monthly allotment on Flickr so I will have to wait till next month to load some of these images so you can have a look.

Getting back to your comment,.. No I am not the kind of person that is always looking for something bad in everything. The Canon XSi has to be a terrific camera, and I'm not sure if I will ever find out what my problem is or just learn how to use it.
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You can use imageshack.us or imagebam.com for uploading your photos.
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This is an interesting thread.

FYI, I have used photobucket for a couple years now as a hosting site and have been pretty happy with it.
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