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oh by the way, I fixed mine w/o taking to the shop. My lens was crooked. So I turned the camera off and on and slightly turned the lens to make it straight.
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If you're still reading the boards, this is just a message to let you know that you ARE a honey! Your "fix" worked for me. There is a rather loud "click" sound as the lens zooms now, but it works fine so I can live with that. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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It turns out that when you actually do google in Canon E18 you don't really get 5800 results.. thats just the number of results including repeated results. From that 5800 there are only 200 real results and around half of that are repeats of the same review over and over again but on different sites. I've read on the search results "i've read about the e18 error and...." over and over again at least 50 times. So, the number of people who has this error is not that great.. it just seems great because of the repeated search results. I don't think people should be scared of buying Canon Digital Cameras simply because of those search numbers.. which aren't really high as it was thought to be. I'm not a promoter or anything, this is just something that I realized during my research into this error.

Also, the error appears due to the fact that the lens is unable to come out.. the most likely culprit is damage. Damage to cause this error can be caused by dirt, or simply the camera accidently turning on in a case where the lens are blocked or when it gets turned on when the camera is resting on a hard surface lens side facing down. So, if you take care of it and read the manual carefully for any cautions and warnings that may cause damage to the camera, the camera should be error free.
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A60 E18 error .Underwarrenty.Canon Australia repaired free in 10 day. The camera has design problem.They continue to seel Great product dishonest company executives. But the prduct destroy the company execs. They have money brain disorder. Their parents did not raise them right.

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