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Default S90 vs. SD940 Flash Question

I'm still debating between the S90 and SD940. The SD940 seems to always use the flash, no matter what. But the S90 seems to be very selective as to when the flash pops up. Is the S90 better at that? Or does the SD940 make it work just fine. I don't when to or when not to use the flash, so I would like whichever makes it easier. Thanks!
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Because the S-90 is more oriented to existing light photo with its fast F 2.0 lens, it basically leaves the decision to use or not use the flash up to the user. The SD940 has a slower lens so it tends to use flash more often.

So please understand, it is not a matter of one camera being "smarter" than the other camera at all. It merely reflects the market niche to which ech camera is directed. The S-90 is directed to the "enthusiast" market, while the SD940 is directed to the point and shoot market.

It all depends, in large measure, on your own photo skills. Both cameras have about an equal Flash Range (flash range is defined as the distance, measured in feet from the camera to the subject) of 10 to 11 feet. So that flash range is somewhat restricting, and you should be aware of that distance limitation when taken flash photos with either camera.

Have a great weekend.

Sarah Joyce
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Sarah covered it well.

one thing to note, the specs give the S90's flash about 2 meters more range than the SD940. though, that number is a bit cryptic, as it is not measured as a guide number with the corresponding ISO, i am assuming that canon gives the specs with the same iso for all camera's but I cannot be for certain. they are different flashes at least, the sd940 has a small one on the body, while the s90's is a bit bigger and pops-up.

ok, on to the point that i really meant to add to this discussion. the flash range is also affected by the ISO. so if you increase your ISO, or increase sensitivity it makes complete sense you will be able to make more use of the flash's output. so in simple terms, the higher the ISO, the longer flash reach you get.

so while the sd940 gives ISO up to a reasonably high 1600, images from this camera at ISO 1600, or even 800 are not really useable. so you are really limited to less than 400, and the lesser the better. the s90 however, makes beautiful shots up to ISO 800, and ISO 1600 is definately useable if your print's aren't too terribly large. so this ability to make nice prints and shots at higher ISO allows the S90 to indirectly increase its flash range, or i should say useable flash range.

if you always shoot flash at < ~10 feet or so as sarah says, then it would not matter much at all.
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