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Default Canon SX1 Exposure issue

I'm a relatively new owner of a Canon Powershot SX1 and am having difficulty with the exposure with landscape scenes on a sunny day. When I take a photo the land is generally ok but the blue sky comes out completely overexposed (all white) and in fact even causes some of the land to be overexposed where it meets the sky. I have tried pointing the camera at the sky, holding the shutter button halfway then framing the shot but this then underexposes everything except the sky. I have had some success at pointing the camera (setting the exposure) where the land meets the sky then framing the shot, but it's very hit and miss and there has to be a better way than this of getting a good shot!

Could anyone give me any tips please as to how to take the perfect photo in these conditions with this camera. For your information, so far i've used the camera mainly in AUTO mode, so I'm assuming I'm going to have to employ more in the way of manual control in order to get the best shots.

Many thanks

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It's a simple problem but not quite so easy to fix.

Sounds like you are shoot more towards the sun than away, or shooting in the middle of the day. Doing this will be impossible in a single frame to catch the huge range of dark to bright so either you get over exposed sky or under exposed ground.

If you shoot later in the day and away from the sun this will work, or take multiple exposures so the sky and the ground are both exposed correctly then merge them in PP, or with multiple exposures do a HDR (see the HDR section in post your photos for more info), or lastly shoot with a graduated filter, this thread has more info http://forums.steves-digicams.com/la...ructional.html

Hope that helps.
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Sounds like the ticket to me. At times if I want the shot I have to shoot into the sun, but then I always have a hooded lens, and make sure you dont have the sky in the frame. This is difficult at any user to achieve and Mark hit the nail on the head of separate images corrrectly exposed for each as post process merge. I can tell you that auto mode would yeild the worst results for this scenario. Manual gives you the control and takes it away from the camera. Auto works OK if all conditions are right but that is seldom the case. Im not familiar with your camera but Im sure if you do a search here on the use of manual settings in general and take a few minutes with your user manual it will get you started. Best way is to read then play a bit and keep record of what settings you used. This gives you a better feel and gets you used to using the controls, then when you get stumped someone is always around.
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