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Default Canon IXUS help

My Ixus camera is like, 1-2 years old already I guess. And now, when you half-press the shutter, the 'normal' view becomes violet and with stripes thing. I thought that it was just the screen so I took the picture anyway. But when I saw the photo, it's violet with streaks of light like what I saw on the screen.
But sometimes, it's getting back to normal with a lower quality than usal for some reasons.
What might be the problem here?

(I'll post the broken pic later)
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Once you post the pic it might be easier to diagnose but I'd guess a lens problem to start.
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What is your Camera model (there are many different Ixus models)?

What you're describing sounds like a defective sensor. There are a number of models that Canon issued service advisories for a while back with this issue. Ditto for other manufacturers (Sony, Nikon, Pentax, etc.). The primary malfunction was a defective CCD Sensor design from Sony (Sony manufacturers the sensors used in a lot of other cameras), and most camera manufacturers (including Canon) were replacing the defective Sony CCD sensors at no charge if your model was one of the ones effected.

I don't know if they're still replacing the sensors at no charge or not (as I think the free replacement outside of warranty was supposed to have stopped at the end of last year). But, if you'll give us the exact camera model you have, we can try to find out for you.
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