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Back in the day I used both a Nikon F and an Olympus OM1. The Olympus was about half the weight of the Nikon. Yet the OM1 put up with incredible abuse, including being dropped 30ft down a cliff onto rocks. It always came back for more. Heavy does NOT equal robust or long-lasting.
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Originally Posted by peterbj7 View Post
I'm not sure the 60D is more robust than the T1/2/3i, just bigger and heavier.....Choose whichever feels right in the hand and in the pocket, but don't let fears of longevity (or a lack of) influence your judgement.
i actually agree with this and have stated many times in the past that most modern dslrs are tougher than their users will ever put them through as most non-pros baby their equipment. when i wrote robust, i should have put robust-feeling, referring to the overall feel and heft. i didn't quite mean it by its true literal definition. so i wanted to highlight this, for most people you will never break your dslr unless its some freak accident.

Originally Posted by transco View Post
You are right about that. My favorite 35mm SLR was (is) a Nikon F-2AS with a motor winder and battery pack. I'm used to a camera with a little heft to it. Twice what I originally planned on spending, but I finally decided to go with the 60D with a battery grip.
Transco, i am glad you came to a decision. with the battery grip, you will be very happy with the feel of the 60d. come back and share some pictures soon and have fun!
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