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I recently tried out the S1 IS and it seemed that firstly the LCD screen was tiny... which I thought would be fairly inpractical. Also it took a long time for the camera to focus, which would also be very impractical when actually being used. I was wondering if this caused major difficulties during active use, any advice would be great.

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yes, the lcd is tiny, but it's not a real problem for me. it's bright and sharp. and yes, the af isn't good in low light situations, but acceptable at proper conditions and definitely slower than its rivals (regarding to the reviews of course, because i haven't tested all cameras myself).
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When you mean slower - is it really that bad or is it something to be expected unless you but a $1000+ camera?
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Hi ,I have had the S1-IS for about 3 months now and have shot 3000 odd frames with it .I tend to use the EVF instead of the LCD for every thing except reviewing photos.The auto fucos speed is about average for a long zoom camera(slower than shorter focal length camerassimply due to extra range to move through)and the firmware update does seem to have improved some areas of auto focus performance although there are some wild claims about other non disclosed changes on other forums which I would take with pinch of salt.Although not the biggest Lcd around I do find the swiveling feature to be great for protecting the lcd screen and for shots from weird angles which due to the IS work better than most cameras as correct holding technique is not so crucial.quite a few S1-IS owners find the manual focus to be a great help for critical focusing although I do not bother my self.I have good results on sports stlye photography using the continuos focus and shooting modes .

Hope this is of some help Brendon
PS in reply to the person who asked aboutauto focus performance at this price point,I feel that only a DSlR would give a significant improvement at double the cost.
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