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I am considering a Canon S1 1S. I have looked for "Quantitative" info on how big a print I can get with a decent printer, and all I can find is words like good, fair, acceptable, etc. I see photos on the web, but this is not much help as a computer screen is made up of dots bigger than camera pixels. Can anybody out there tell me at what point of enlargement do you start to see the pixels? At maximum resolution, with a good printer do you start to see a difference between a 3.2 megapixel Canon S1 1S and a similar camera with 5 megapixels at photo size 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, or never? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I have printed a cropped shot from my S1 to 8x10 with very good results (originally shot at highest quality setting. I would assume that when shot at higher ISO settings, noise will result in a grainier shot. I usually try to stay at ISO 50
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I did some test shots with my S1 IS recently - all shot at superfine setting and printed to 4x6.

Different resolutions all shot at ISO 50 with flash.
At 2048x1536, it looked fine.
At 1600x1200, it was probably ok if you didn't use "macro" vision (look at it so close that your eyes are about to start having trouble focusing).
At 1024x768, it was noticeably pixelated.
At 640x480, it was even worse.

Different ISOs all shot at 2048x1536 without flash.
At ISO 50 to 100 it looked pretty good. At ISO 200 and 400 IMHO it'd still be quite acceptable for most things. ISO 800 (equivalent to ISO 400 and -1 stop compensation) would be borderline but I'd say would be ok if I HAD to have the shot, same with ISO 1600 (ISO 400 and -2 stops compensation). However, ISO 3200 and 6400 (these can be achieved by using exposure bracketing - stop down 2 stops, and use +/- 2 stops compensation (or +/- 1 stops) - ISO 3200 is -3 stops total and ISO 6400 is -4 stops total compensation) were VERY noisy, although I could still recognize my face (the subject).
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Hi jcobdf!
This is my personal experience with printing results from S1: I've used acceptable photopaper and also an acceptable printer (a multifunction printer not a specialized photoprinter)and the results were like this:
At 8x10 in, the picture was quite very good as I didn't expect this result.
At 5x7 in, the result was perfect. I was very pleased with it. This is the regular dimension of my prints, and I knew this before buying the S1.
So as for an 5x7 in album the S1 results are perfect... at least for me. I know that nothing is perfect but I was very pleased with those results.
Now... the print result is depending also in the photo quality. I hope that you'll use the Large and SuperFine settings.
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