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The E18 error is pretty
easy to fix. I JUST DID THIS AND IT WORKED. The reason I knew how to fix it is
because I already had the camera apart and sort of made the error occur. OK:

1. Take the faceplate
off the camera, Leave small lead connected (you will see)

2. with the battery cover
in place and battery installed open the lens cover to trigger the lens to come

3. With the lens OUT,
REMOVE the battery, and replace the faceplate.

4. replace the screws
and insert the battery. Should work perfectly again.

Note: there is a tiny
trigger that rotates down when the lens is going in on itself. this trigger pushes
down on another trigger that allows the slider cover to slide over the lens and
protect it. when the triggers do not meet, the eroor occurs. Good luck.

my slider to protect the lens no longer slides. Does anyone have a parts camera
that I can buy the faceplate from or have ANY IDEA where I can get such a discontinued
item. S30 S40 will work for me. I even think the s50 may work too. HELP

email: [email protected]

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Old Jul 13, 2006, 8:42 AM   #32
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The number of Canon cameras that seem to be affected by this
error is much larger. These are the models I heard of so far, that have been experiencing the error:

- A60
- A70
- A75
- A80
- A85
- A95
- A510
- S30
- S40
- S100
- S110
- SD200
- SD300
- S400
- SD450
- S410
- SD500
- S2 IS

There are a few simple things you can do to fix it. Before trying any of them, you should make sure the camera has fresh batteries inside.

Sometimes the E18 error happens because dirt gets stuck between the lens and the camera body and it is sufficient to get that dirt out in order for the camera to function properly once again. You can remove the dirt:

- by using compressed air

- by lightly tapping the padded USB cover on a hard surface, like a desk or something similar. Very simple, but has been known to happen in many cases.

If these methods don't work, you can try and force the lens back into place, which is very risky, and should only be done as a last solution. If the camera is still under warranty, the best thing you can do is take it to the nearest Canon repair shop, and they should fix it for free. If it's out of warranty, you should try one of these methods.

The last solution is to dismantle the camera and see where the problem lies. There are a few online guides for dismantling Canon cameras, like this one for example:


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I would not try to force the lens back into place. Some of the barrels and parts may rotate at different speeds as opposed to just slide in and out and you could really mess up the internal screw threading.

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Old Aug 20, 2006, 12:39 PM   #34
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I have a PowerShot S2 IS and I got the E18 message spontaniously and with warning or apparent cause Friday evening as I turned the camera on to take a picture of a bat. Turning it on and off did nothing to help.

I'm taking it into the shop where I bought it first to see if they have a secret quick-fix for it but I suspect I'll probably have to send it back to the folks at Canon for repair, which I'm sure will take months.

All Fall is coming and I probably wont have a camera to take pictures of the autumn leaves. I'm so bummed.
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I have a Canon A80 and it was working fine for the past 2 years. Now, suddenly the camera doesn't power up after I insert the memory card. It powers up fines once I remove the card. I tried with many diffrent Compact Flash Cards and also new batteries, but all in vain. Does any body h ave any suggestions what would have gone wrong? The camera has never been dropped and looks brand new. I am not sure if this is related to the E18 error that canon camera holders experience.

Please help

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Hey, Bobby0099, what you mean to say in shouting BOLD letters is that you know how to fix YOUR E18 problem. There are a lot of opinionated people on this thread that think either because they've never had a problem it doesn't exist, or that because they have had the problem that ALL Canons are affected.

I personally have had a bad experience and none of the "fixes" posted on any websites seem to help me (the lens on my 2-year old Ixus 400 is stuck closed and won't budge and Canon want at least $120 AU just to look at it!). It seems a lot of people, however, are able to fix their issues - although Canon won't publish a "How to" for their customers because that would imply an admission of the problem, which they refuse to do.

For a more informed idea of what's going on please have a look at http://www.e18error.com. There are at least 2 law firms in the US trying to raise a class action against Canon. There is a massive problem with their lenses that they are reluctant to own up to, but it obviously won't affect everyone - "Only 4%" have this problem apparently and Canon think it's OK that tens of thousands of their customers end up with a $500 Canon paperweight.

All that said, I understand the problem is less common in newer Canon cameras and I'm thinking of getting an A710is to replace the Ixus. Hey ho...

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Hi, I also had the E-18 error, but I found a great solution from a tech support site. I found the link in the E18error.com you mentioned above.

Here is the page for the E18 Solution

Its been a month now and mine works great!
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