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Old Mar 18, 2005, 6:40 AM   #1
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I just decided to buy a A95 over my sony P93. My only concern is that it takes movies limited to 30 secs. or 3 mins.

I've also read about the new A5XX series. I think they are better because of:

-4x zoom (3x in A95)
- Aperture range starting from F2.6 (A95 has F2.8 )
- More compact body

But the smaller CCD (1/2.5'') is really disappointing

Do you expect an announcement of something like A530 which will have a 1/1.8'' CCD, swivel LCD and able to take unlimited movies?

Any of you heard of something like that?
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Old Mar 18, 2005, 7:17 AM   #2
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I faced the same question before buying my S1 in december 2004. Everybody discussed about a new release this year of a S2 model. But nothing happened.

I didn't care about their discussions and go for it, as I would not want to wait for something that I wasn't sure that it will appear.

Your case is much easier... the A520 was released in february 2005. My S1 was released in february 2004 and still in march 2005 nothing has happened and no S2 was released or at least announced.

So are you willing to wait that long? Indeed it could be a month but my thoughts go for at least a year. No authorized news were given so if I were you I would not wait anymore and get the A95 while it is still not moral depreciated.

It is like in PC's case. When you got your first PC did you think that in 6-7 years their proccessors will be ten times or even more faster?

So think about it...

BTW, A95 is a good camera... personally I do not compare it with A520.
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Old Mar 18, 2005, 12:13 PM   #3
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Ok, some of what you say is true, some isn't...

First of all, I own the A95 and its a very good camera...

It is true that it would benefit from a 4x zoom range... the other changes are personnal I'd say.

You compared the A510-A520 with the A95, when in fact the A510-520 are an upgrade of the A75-85. You also said that the 1/2.5" sensor was smaller and it was dissapointing, when in fact its false. The A75-85 have a sensor of 1/2.7", so the sensor is bigger. The A95 had a 1/1.8", so you just can't know what its upgrade will be, could be smaller, probably won't be bigger tho.

You could wait for a replacement for the A95, but it came out in August 2004, now maybe they will release an update soon, but I'd believe that if an update is coming, it should be around August or September 2005. Can you wait that long ?

Here is a gallery of some of my pictures with the A95: http://nicolas7894.fotopic.net/c341553.html
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Old Mar 18, 2005, 4:30 PM   #4
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There will always be another camera coming out. I work at a camera shop and every single day it seems like a new camera is out. Just yesterday the Minolta Z5 came out. My advice is to pick one know and be happy.
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Old Mar 21, 2005, 9:09 AM   #5
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I agree with Nicolas and Caliboy again.
One thing though Nicolas... You cannot compare allways just cameras in the same level. If tanaltan wants to compare the A520 with A95 it is his business. He knows more about his needs than we do.
So tanaltan... it is ok to be pragmatic, after all one of those two it will be your camera and you'll pay with your earned money for it.
I would mention this tanaltan: when you choosed to compare A95 with A520, the last have already been defeated in this comparison battle. The A95 far better in my opinion, opinion that you must not follow only if you realized it too.

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