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doudydoudy wrote:
actually it does have AF assist lamp

check this out

that's what i've been saying! i am already convinced it DOES have AF assist lamp!! what i wrote before is for those who are not convinced it has AF assist...
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Regarding the S1??

>>this camera focuses better than the competition in minimal light. Now if this is true and it did this without AF assist which the new big brother has as shown in this thread WOW:<<

I believe the above was about the S1. Whoever wrote this must be smoking crack. Now don't get me wrong. I love my S1 but it is not a high achiever in the low light category. There are workarounds involving pre-sets (manual), but the AF assist lamp on the S2has to be adefinite improvement.

I'm still irked by the switch to SD memory and away from compact flash... That is a deal breaker for me and I will just get along with my S1 (and hundreds of dollars of CF memory) for a couple of years until I go with a digital SLR...


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From what I've heard, SD cards use less battery power then CF cards, which is why a lot of cameras are going to SD.

Apparently to power the microdrives the CF card sucks battery juice even when not using a microdrive.

Anyone know if the remote that works with the S1 will work with the S2?
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Old May 21, 2005, 8:27 AM   #64
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There is no sensor for remote controls on the S2, so it can't be use by remote control. I haven't read about the remote either in the press-releases, which I'm sure I would have if a remote could be used.
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Old May 22, 2005, 5:33 PM   #65
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That is a little dissapointing but it does have a customizable self-timer. Not as good, but next best thing I guess.
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Old May 25, 2005, 12:24 PM   #66
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I have a Canon A300 and a Lumix FZ20.

The latter is a great cam which has some issues like many of you will know.
For me the first thing is image quality and colors.

Full size (5MP) pics with FZ20 are a little bit smooth as with all the digicams.
Resolution and zoom are good (although very far objects loose contrast).

White balance and Dynamic range are poor for such a cam: my A300 is better than FZ20 in these respects and in vivid mode it takes better pics (as far as color saturation and closeness to real colors) than FZ20, although sensibly less detailed.
FZ20 macro is great.

Battery life of 1 FZ20 charge is about half of S1 with 4 NiMh rechargeable.
S2 IS will surely have some better points than FZ20.
It's a pity that it lacks Flash Hot Shoe: FZ20 + Nikon 6T or Raynox lenses produce great macros [and FZ20 macro is already good by its own, with c. 4 cm horizontal capture at 2 cm from the objects and 2,5x zoom] but to use these external macro lenses an external flash is really mandatory.

These long tele cams will always have some issue as far as IQ, also if compared with average compact cams like Coolpixes and Canon A - S series, not to mention G6.

Finally S2 will hopefully produce less noise than FZ20.
This is another issue of Lumix.
I know that these can be fixed with NR software or plugins (which I do use), and I also know that any cam gives greatest results after PP, but if one already has few noise and the correct colors, it's all saved time (which is important when dealing with hundreds of images).

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S2 in Canada today


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Here are some photos from a new S2 owner: http://www.pbase.com/gailb/s2

And one of the first reviews: http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/ca...ew/index.shtml
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So how do you think it compares to the S2?

guillermovilas wrote:
Just bought a FZ-5 and here are my first pics made a couple hours ago.

First impressions :

what i really really loved is the powerfull Leica lens.....once you try one of these superzoom cameras you just cannot go back to an 35mmx114mm lens camera.

Wonder if the lens of the KM Z3 is as good ...? can anyone tell me ?

What i didn`t like is that the batteries don`t last long enough and taking pics in dark places is a pain because you just don`t see anything on the evf & lcd screens.



Pictures 198-199-203-204-210-211-239-240 are takenboth oncein38mm & then in 420mm to show zoom capabilities.

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I haven`t seen any pic examples of the S2 is so i cannot compare the image quality but concerning the capabilities the Canon is better..... it`s got the AA batteries + video mode are great.
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