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jsvt Dec 19, 2002 9:15 AM

metal case for S230
Does anyone know where you can get the ixus metal case for the S230? I saw pics of one in here and it looks awesome. Thanks!

TD27 Dec 20, 2002 9:47 AM

Where did you see a picture of a metal case for the 230? And why the heck would you want one?

I have the Canon leather case and it fits the camera like a glove (adds only very little to the overall size) and gives a fair degree of padding against bumps. I wear the camrera on my belt, and have been doing so for a couple of months now. I'm very happy with the combo.

What *I* would be interested in getting is the waterproof housing for the camera, but I'd like to see it first or hear from a user about it.

What benefit do you think the metal case would provide?

jsvt Dec 20, 2002 9:10 PM

I do some pretty heavy duty snowboarding and mountain biking and i thought it might make it a bit more "bulletproof" I also am interested in the H2O proof housing. We snorkle alot and I plan on buying one for a trip in Feb. I'll most likely buy it regardless of feedback (there are some good deals online for the housing)
Also, what soft case do you have for your S230...there seem to be several available.

TD27 Dec 23, 2002 11:12 AM

The thing I'd like to find out about the waterproof housing is the procedure required for maintaining the gasket/seal. For the use I'd give it, I cannot imaging keeping the camera in the waterproof housing for hours or days at a time. But I might use it for an hour every day when at the beach, or kayaking. If it's a real PITA to seal the housing and maintain the gasket, (as it probably would be) then I'm less interested. Of course if you really need waterproof, you probably have to go through the trouble of lubricating and cleaning the gasket every time you use it.

The soft case I have seems to be different from what others here have described as "the Canon case". Mine is from Canon, and it is very soft and thin leather, with a belt-loop and hole in the flap where you can pass the wrist strap through (I normally don't bother). I've seen a Canon case described as having a small zippered pocket, but mine doesn't have any pockets and I haven't seen one (here in Canada) that has. So I don't know if this is a case available in the States or not. But I'm very happy with my case... the camera has been on my belt daily for two months now, and it wears very well and offers plenty of protection. And the camera can be withdrawn from the case very quickly when needed.

Hope this helps...

BCobra99 Dec 24, 2002 11:00 PM

You can buy both the metal case and the underwater housing on ebay. I purchased both of them and should recieve them soon.

sportster Dec 25, 2002 10:41 AM

It seems there are several cases by Canon that will fit the S230, I have the skin tight leather one that only holds the camera, listed as the case for this particular model by Canon. This seems best for ultra portability. There is a larger one, more of a pouch that holds some extras like battery and CF cards. I bought this camera for its small size so I wanted the smallest case, the accessories I would normally carry with this camera can go in my pocket.

The metal case has the cool factor, hard to find, never sold in this country officially. If you want a tight seal, look at the Pelican 1010 micro case, plastic but quite a bit bigger than the metal Ixus case:


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