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Old Nov 9, 2005, 6:23 PM   #51
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I bought the S2 IS yesterday, put in my Transcend 45x 1GB SD card, took some pictures and a movie, no apparent problems. Later turned it back on and I get "Memory Card Error" on the screen. Reformatted (low-level). works again. Took some pictures, turned it off, same problem.

So I wrote to Canon about it. I mentioned that many people seemed to have this problem and it appears to happen to many different types of SD cards, including SanDisk. They responded only a few hours later.

Canon's Reply about this Issue:
Thank you for writing to us. We value you as a Canon customer and
appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

This is quite normal. Whenever SD card errors appear, formatting will typically resolve the issue.

We hope this information is helpful to you. Please feel free to contact
us again if you have any other questions or concerns.

Thank you for choosing Canon.
Anthony, Technical Support Representative
Well now... it seems they do recognize this, but apparently they consider this to be normal! It's really a shame because the movie quality on this thing is amazing, and the photo quality good. I really like this camera so far but this problem is rediculous. How can you trust your camera to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments with a problem like this?

For those of you who say you have never had any problems: What SD card have you been using exactly? Model? size? type? speed? Perhaps there are some SD cards out there were this isn't a problem
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Old Nov 10, 2005, 3:26 AM   #52
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I've shot thousands of pictures, captured over three hours of audio, and several minutes of video using three 1 GB 60x Kingmax SDC-001G3 SecureDigital cards with both my Canon S2 IS and Panasonic DMC-FZ20 and haven't had a problem with any of the cards. They are fast enough that I can shoot as long as I want in high speed mode (approx. 2.4 shots / sec.) at full 5 megapixel resolution in fine mode. I bought all three of them at Newegg.com for less than $80 each several months ago. They're down to $56 now.
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Old Nov 23, 2005, 6:35 AM   #53
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can you please let me know if u hear any word from them? i have an ixus 400 as well, with a lexar media 512mb... the cameras been useless 4 quite a while now... :sad:
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Old Nov 24, 2005, 9:42 AM   #54
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I have a Canon A520 and bought a PQ1 SD card 256 MB. It saves jpegs ok but always gives me the "memory card error" when taking video. The supplier of the SD card has offered to replace it with an MMC.

The supplied 16 mB MMC works fine for pics and video.

Has anyone else had the video problem?
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Old Nov 25, 2005, 8:50 PM   #55
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I am in the process of shopping for a new camera and the Canon 2S IS is high on my list, but this problem sounds very troubling.

I saw that newegg.com sells a 150x 2G sd card by A-data for only $114, which sounds like a great deal. Many comments including happy campers who own the Canon 2S IS, but also a few people experienced error messages in various devices.

Has anyone following this string tried that card?
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Old Nov 30, 2005, 8:14 PM   #56
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I just wanted to add that I have the same problem.

I have an Ixus 700 and a Kingston 1GB Elite Pro (Made in Taiwan) card.

Every mode on the camera (view, photo, video, etc.) says memory card error, and USB card reader connected to the PC just asks if I want to format the card when I insert it. It was all fine until I took the card out of the Camera (no power on) and inserted it into the reader. It asked me if I wanted to format. I said no, took the card out, reinserted it into the camera: memory card error. The camera had low power at the time the last photo was taken, as someone also experienced earlier in these posts.

I've had Ixuses for almost six years now, and this really disappoints me to the degree that I will never buy a Canon product again. I will put the card aside in the hope that a solution will arise, but I doubt it will. It has happened to me several times now and the solution earlier has been to format the card and start taking photos all over.

Tonight I've most likely lost 150 photos from a kickoff at work which costed us about $4500 to arrange. Now I have nothing to show for it! Thanks alot Canon! :evil:

If Canon's only solution is to format the card they can go eff themselves, since I don't want an empty card, I want the photos I took tonight.

I even asked in the shop if that card was top notch and shop said it was one of the best cards on the marked. :sad:
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Old Dec 16, 2005, 2:02 AM   #57
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I have had exactly the same problem with my IXUS 400 munching 3 cards of various manufacture. The Canon Service Centre in Sydney were totally dismissive and refused to help. They said "just format the card" and "buy a Canon memory card". No amount of formating helped andI found out after ringing around thatno "Canon memory cards" were sold anywhere in Sydney. In the end it was cheaper for me to write-off the whole experience and junk the Ixus 400. I was so disgusted with Canon, a brand that I previously trusted implicitly, that I vowednever to buy another Canon camera. I went straight out and bought a PanasonicLumix FZ20 withits incredible Leica lens - and I didn't give the new Canon S2 any consideration . After a month through Europe and the Med, I am absolutely thrilled with the Lumix FZ20. However, I find that Ineed to post-process my shots using a batch "one-step correction" in Corel Paint Shop Pro X to get the very best photos (I use Paint Shop Pro for really swish web banners as well). Anyway, Canon has let us all down very badly and cost me a lot of money and anguish. Boo to Canon cameras. Canon, please give us a firmware upgrade that fixes this IXUS 400 problem without any further ado!
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Old Dec 16, 2005, 4:35 AM   #58
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Have the Canon S2 and Pany FZ5 Sandisc 1gig Extreme11 Energiser2500 Nimhs

Over 9000 shots over 6 months with no probs with the S2.

Have'nt heard much probs with Sandisc,Ridata or A-Data high speed cards but a few of Kingston.

Good luck Cheers Dom
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Old Dec 18, 2005, 6:28 AM   #59
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Hi all.Well I have the same problem on my Ixus 400. I bought this camera over 2 years ago in Germany and immediately put a 256MB PQI F1 40x CF card in it - this worked fine for over 18 months - 10000+ photos taken with it - and then suddenly I started to get this intermittent memory card error. Normally it is solved by turning the camera off and on but sometimes it refuses to go away. Sometimes formatting the card solves it. This morning I wanted to film the kids being particularly cute and guess what, the moment was lost, well in fact the moment lasted 5 minutes but I could not get the camera to work. The images aleady on the card I can retrieve via a card reader directly onto my PC.

Other problem I have with it is that it takes ages to take the shot sometimes - up to 5 seconds when the flash is needed. I have friends with Sony camera where's it is almost instantaneous.

This is my second Ixus, the first was an Ixus II - that broke 1week before the warrantly expired, was returned from repair with the original fault fixed but with a new one introduced which they initially refused to repait because it was now 'out of guarantee'.

My in-laws have a Powershot A20 which constantly gives a battery low message even when they're fully charged.

I can only conclude that Canon digital cameras are unreliable, shame because the image quality is good. I was thinking of getting an EOS but I can't really trust the marque any more.
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Old Dec 31, 2005, 2:44 PM   #60
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:|Alas there is a solution!!!!

I just like everyone who has had this memory card error problem have cursed Canon and sworn never to buy there products again. In fact I posted a pretty grim picture of my experience on Amazon's review site for the IXUS 400. Anyway Canon should be pretty embarrassed with their support staff because we have had nothing from them. It was just by chance that I was able to get my IXUS working again.. Right the solution is pretty difficult to follow..so bear with me.

Step1, Open the CF door on your IXUS.

Step2. locate a tiny button at the top corner on the inside of the camera. (Its just above the slot for the memory card. No need to remove the card while doing this)

Step 3, finda pen/pencil or an instrument that has a long point e.g a straightened paperclip.. and use it to push the tiny button in the camera. (Push it all the way but not too hard lest you might damage it)

Step 4.Close theCF door and switch on the camera..

Voila.. sometimesyou have to do this a number of times before it works.. but work, it will!!

Ive now managed to take loads of pictures during christmas..

The problem? I havenae got a clue!! I just know how to fix it..

(dont knowhow a car works..justknow enough to drive one!!)


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