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Thanks Steve, I really appreciate both the reviews (Canon S2 IS and Sony H1)!

I read them within minutes of you posting them! Wow, the excitement of technology!! (here in Romania, reading what you had just uploaded there in USA yesterday!)

I'm not financially able to afford either of these cameras (at this stage... ahh the joys of missionary salaries!) And anyway, I own a camera I'm (still) very happy with (Fuji F601). But hey, if my Fuji ever were to die and someone decided to give me enough money to buy another one (it's a pretty essential part of my charity work in Romania) I think such a camera like the Canon S2 IS would be great and high on the "wish list"!! Who knows, maybeone day...

With the advancement in technology and quality though great cameras seem to be coming out all the time these days (I was working with the Kodak DC215 soon after it came out as I was in London then...) Boy have times changed or WHAT?!!

But back to today, I think the Canon would have it in my books over the Sony because of the media (I prefer SD over Memory Stick) and also it seems to have a bit more sharpness when I look in detail closely at the photos.

Well, thanks again Steve - we're all so impatient! I'll let you know if I ever buy a replacement digital camera, coz your website is the first place I go to have a look for camera information! (PS I'm jealous of your job, but I also enjoy mine here in Romania!!)

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""Keep in mind these shots were all made in the "Auto" mode with auto white balance, and that there has been no post-exposure processing or cropping. In general, the shots including sky or white water tend to be a little underexposed for the landscape portions. I think this could be adddressed by using AE lock during shooting ( a little time-consuming out on the trail), or more easilyby adjusting the contrast post-exposure. I also noticed that when I printed somepics out, the colors were slightly less saturated than they appeared to the eye. This was easily addressed by using vivid photo mode for the printer. Alternatively, I may try using the camera's vivid mode next time. ""

Beautiful location! The picutres IMHO (save for the head on river shot and the flower meadow shot) mostly appear to be flat. The S2's auto mode has been heavily criticized for overexposing, underexposing, etc.

What works pretty well is going into "P" mode , locking the ISO at 50, dropping the exposure compensation to minus 1/3rd, and dropping the contrast down a notch. All these settings are saved in this mode after you change them. Give it a try, it works pretty good. The s2 seems to overexpose and cast lots of white harsh light. You have to knock it down a bit to get the best results.
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yes, again, cheers steve for the indepth S2 review (and sony). Nice to see you liked them.

Personally i think the sony 'looks' nicer, more like a proper camera. But the S2 has the edge for me on....
media (sd),
options (especially the faster shutter)
video zoom
detachable screen
stereo sound
super quiet zoom
Custom Timer
0cm Macro

The Sonys bigger screen is nice but as its at the same resolution as the S2 its not going to show any detail any better. 2 batteries in the Sony is interesting, but four doesnt bother me.

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Vivid mode is fine for normal pics too. It makes pics look well saturated, "CANON - like" with those blue skies...

I have a FZ20 and envy S1IS Twistable LCD (although FZ20 one is a little TV), batteries and features.

However if S2 seems to be far better than Sony, I fear that compared to the FZ20 and FZ5 it goes far worse for Canon as the tests in DPReview show.

Again, no flame bait, I know each of these has better functionalities in some areas and the Perfect (Ultra zoom compact) cam does not exists (maybe a synthseis of FZ20,FZ5, S2 and G6....) but Lumix came out with FZ20 neaRLY one year before Canon S2 and IMO the latter is destined to bite the dust of Lumix in quality (although as far as market S2 MIGHT sell even better for non-quality reasons).

Finally, no doubt that, with some knowledge of the cam and of Post processing techniques, all these cameras are able to give great satisfactions to their owners.

MY FZ20 and CANON A300 galleries:

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OK guys,

So here's the thing. I need to get a camera like yesterday! I have 3 choices, FZ20, FZ5 or S2. Question is, which one do you think is the best of those for football (soccer), gigs and low light? I know none of them are very good with low light, but best of a bad bunch in that respect?(I cannot afford adslr)I'm tempted by the S2 due to it's flip screen (helps when you're a little shorter than average!) AA batteries and video quality. But on the other hand, the reviews and comments I read on the FZ's sway me that way......

I like crisp and vivid shots rather than softer and I go to a lot of professional football (soccer) games and during the winter, of course they end up being floodlit affairs!

Can you help me in time for Live8 next Saturday?

Karen :bye:
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