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Ultra-Zooms are great for many uses (and you can get a very nice focal range with a relatively bright lens in a small and light package).

The only major problem is that the smaller sensors don't handle higher ISO speeds well (and a smaller sensor is needed to keep the size and weight down). Hopefully, ISO speeds limitations will improve with future models, and we can find something that does great in virtually all conditions for about $200.00. ;-)

Technology will keep advancing, so I'm sure you'll enjoy your camera until something comes along that meets more needs better (as will all of us). We really are getting pretty spoiled with what's already available.

Again, practice and you might be surprised ( taking lots of photos to get more keepers).

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@jfrebel: I think the "party mode" that schmiedel refers to is the Indoor setting (with the party hat icon).

I've been very frustrated with available light indoor shots with the S2. Even at 100 ISO the shots are quite noisy, and Neat Image's default settings soften the image too much for my liking. Tripods are not feasable for spontaneous shots.

I've finally gotten to the point where I just ignore the damn orange rectangle and shoot.
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