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What do you think? It's very annoying even when the image is istill visible.
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Not close to my issue, your is much worse, closer to the "purple" issue.

What is their diagnosis? CCD?
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Yes Marcelo, so far all indicates mine is CCD's. My Camera is a never fallen one, always worked fine.
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What can I say, Canon refusesto recognize CCD issues other than the one mentioned over this thead, the "purple image" one.

I believe there are other serious issues with this Sony CCD they use, but the rare ones are not admitted as a manufacturing or whatever problem, cause they are rare.

In my case I could accept a dead/hot pixel, even a few, but not a full line in less than 3 years of use. But Canon will not care.

I know next time I'll not buy Canon neither Sony products, there are other good firms around.
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As you said Marcelo, there's no Canon response at all. They firmly refuse to assume the responsability of my case, all I got from them was a "Canon individualy manage their cases regionaly" and sincerely, Canon Colombia's service is not the best. Please take note on what I have spoke to Canon Canada after my unsuccessfull conversation with Canon Colombia:

"Hello Canon Canada. I am a Colombian and I live in Colombia, recently
my 2 years old always-working-excelent never fallen camera Powershot
S1 IS showed the well known CCD problem. Hereby I attach a copy of
what I post in a this-same-issue-forum:


"I am very concerned about the topic. I got my S1 IS in winter 2004 as
a christmas gift from my oddparents so they know I love this stuff
about cameras, it was bought in Canada and it has 2 years or more
working fine, no problems at all. It showed up a *strange* problem
about the pictures when taken about a week ago, showing horizontal
white lines, preview and video mode are allright. Immediatly I came to
internet forums related to this issue and found out that this happens
to be a very-well-known-problem with this and many other camera models
and brands and there were many Canons-around-the-world like Asia and
Europe repairing this problem free of charge and in some cases,
they're replacing the camera for the most recently S1 IS relative, S3
IS. At this time this problem looks like one easy-to-solve now many
Canons-around-the-world admit this is a manufacture problem and the
only thing I should do for my help is to send my S1 IS to my nearest
Canon Service Center but...

The real problem comes up here: I am from Colombia and so far I've
found nothing related to this issue in Canon Latin America, even
there's no Canon *as is* in Colombia, or at least I haven't found him,
only 2 main dealers authorized by Canon to operate its products in my
country. I rang them two this morning and got no satisfactory answer
at all, apparently they know nothing about this problem and when I
mentioned Powershot S1 IS they sounded ignorant about the existence of
this model, finally all I got from both of them was that if I wanted
to I could send the camera to the Lab and I had to pay the diagnose
tariff ($25) plus shipment, and wait 15 working days to be notified of
the *REAL* (this was very enraging to me... They were doubting about
what I was telling them!!) problem of my cam, then, already given the
diagnose they'd inform me about repair cost (estimated $400, please
tell me the cost of the new S3 IS... Isn't it worth to get a new one?)
and then wait about 2 months to get my repaired item back, so I argued
about the 2 months of delay and they told me it was because of Canon's
delay when sending the original parts for the repairment. When I
complained again about this being a massive problem of Canon's and
some other brand's customers and that other Canons-around-the-world
had announced free of charge repairment and replacement programs, they
told me they could do nothing if my warranty had already expired and
anyway they knew nothing about this problem at all.

Guys please help! what could I do? Should I contact any other Canon
like Canada or US? Do you think they could respond?"

I am sending you this message because I am very very very concerned
about what is happening to my case, no one here in my country is
responding so that's why I come up to you Canon Canada. Hopefully you
can help me solve my problem now I am asking you what is the procedure
I must follow to get my camera repaired. I am very disappointed about
my product and even more when it is coming from you, CANON, I always
trusted you. Now I see that many other people around the world is
recieving a brand new Powershot S3 IS and I am still here, with this
broken S1 IS and no one responding me. Please don't tell me contact
because I already have contacted them and got no satisfactory answer.
Please clarify if ANY CANON ON EARTH is taking care of my case, and in
a deeper way, keeping me in as a customer/friend or do I definitively
have to throw my PS S1 IS to garbage?. Beacuse so far, you are loosing
me as a Canon customer/friend.
Thanking you in advance all the help you can bring me. And excuse me
but I am still very very very very ANGRY to be polite, Excuses.

My contact Info:
(My Contact Info)

Canon Canada's response:

"Dear Mr. Mauricio Calle

Thank you for your E-mail regarding your Canon PowerShot S1 IS Digital Camera.

I can confirm, there is a Canon North American service advisory for the PowerShot S1 IS which affects the CCD sensor. The vendor-supplied CCD image sensor used in this Canon digital camera may cause the following malfunction: When the product is used in recording or playback mode, the LCD screen and/or electronic viewfinder may exhibit either a distorted image or no image at all. While reports of this malfunction have been rare in Canada, we have determined that it may occur if the product is exposed to hot and humid environments.

Unfortunately our service advisory is only for residents of Canada. Since you reside outside of Canada we are unable to offer any assistance in this matter. Please understand, although Canon is a global corporation, sales, marketing and support are regionally managed. To further address your concerns, please contact Canon Latin America for assistance with your inquiry. Their website may be found at

Thank you for your understanding.


Kirk M.

Technical Support Representative

Customer Information Centre

Canon Canada Inc.


My retort:

"Thank you anyway for ''trying'' to help me anyway. I came to you Canon Canada, only because I don't feel like Canon Latin America is givin the best solution to my problem, It doens not have a easy-to-use web page and the main dealers for my country are not being kind and understanding to me. This morning the last I got from the is that the delay period for the repairment is from 2 to 3working months. Isthat reasonable when we're talking about a main dealer of the firm???I also was asked about the purchase invoice or documents of my camera, MY CAMERA IS 2+ YEARS OLD! the guaranty is already expired!!I didnt keep any paper. It's been a very negative impact for my finance also since my S1 IS was my tool of work. And just keep in mind that I am a single customer in the world for you, I see Canon as a Global firm not divided by frontiers, and just came to you because at last word the camera was bought in Canada and I thought you could understand my situation and help.

Finally, if no Canon on earth is giving me solution, even if the repairment cost a cent I would prefer to throw this camera to garbage. I am not agreeing to pay a cent when they're giving S3s around for replacement.

Farewell CANON. You have just lost one that was a Loyal Friend and Customer. Here in south or north I will never get a Canon again and I will tell my experience with Canon products to everyone. Farewell"

Please guys tell me what could I do?
Sincerely, No Canon on earth is giving me response at all. Now you know my history please give me some advice on what could I do. I feel Cheated! Should I throw my S1 IS to garbage? or Should I keep fighting to make my rights effective? If you'd sugest me the second one, please then tell me what on earth could I DO? Even when my camera was bought in Canada, Canon Canada's no giving me any face of choice or hope. PLEASE!!
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Option #1

Do you plan to visit Canada soon?

I mean, if you get there and walk into their customer support, they should not care where do you live. After all they must even have a record of you serial number showing it was sold in Canada.

Option #2

Will you try to fight Canon Colombia / Latino America?

Option #3

What Canon Canada said regarding the fact your S1 was bought in Canada?

Anyway if they agree to repair you need to ship it over there, unless they agree to pay Canon Colombia for that.

It's bad they work this way, but for the best of my knowledge legally when buying such a product, the guaranty you get is local. Maybe you can pay some amount to get a global one, but it's not your case. I don't think it should work this way, a Canon is a Canon everywhere, and the company looks very bad with manufacturing issues they agree to free fix or not based on your current residence.

To conclude, I believe you'll need to decide how many eforts are you willing to invest to fight Canon, and compare it to the money a new Nikkon or whatever costs...
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I think you're right in some things yet.

My Canon was bought in Canada so I am not buying a $1000+ air ticket to visit any Canon. The fact here is that I don't want to buy a new Camera by myself, I want Canon to response me! I want my S1 IS repaired or replaced just as well they've done a lot around the world not just here.

I know the guaranty you get when you buy an item is local or limited to an specified region, but in this case it is confusing for me:

-My camera was bought in Canada, so in someway of this casethey should respond or at least give a choice of scape yet enough satisfactory for the customer.

-Canon Canada wont response; have already tried Latin America's but the answer here was even worse, and as I said before -Even if it'd cost a cent to repair it, I'd prefer to garbage it-.

Can you believe this? No Canon on earth is giving me a SOLUTION for a problem they'd assume. If I hadn't seen all the internet forums and people even in Argentina, Brasil and Mexico (Canons from these country are -I think- independant from Latin America's) getting all-new S3 in replacement and everything repaired free-of-charge and even the ones who had already paid the repairment cost they're giving this people the money back.

I think Canon it's having an unfair behavior against me, I think they'd assume this resposability of my case as the one of any other customer in world regardless of my location, just making the user feel nice with the company and the product and keep name of the company right above.

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Canon Care Centre,

191/1, 5th Cross,

Malleswaram, Bangalore-03.


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I have a problem with my powershot A95, when i am about to take pics with the LCD open, i see the screen getting blurred and discoloured at times and when i take a pic, there are lines seen in the photo on the lcd display. I thought it might be a problem with the lcd but when i think it through more, it can't be the lcd because the pics appear bad when i transfer them to my pc. Cananyone help me out with thi problem and is it something that can be fixed??
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I've an A95 also which suffers the same problem as shown in my picture on my previous email. If your picture is anything like it, it's the CCD and not your LCD. My unit only shows this problem when taking pictures. It doesn't have problem when taking videos. Am not sure what location you are in but here in the Philippines, I was able to get my unit fixed by Canon FREE of charge. Try your local Canon service center and show them the problem. This problem is not an old issue that Canon is not aware of.
By the way, I wasn't asked for any warranty card nor receipt of purchase for my unit before they accept it for repair. FYI.

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