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vlatkovr Dec 4, 2005 4:12 PM

I ordered my a610 from newegg, and it arrived today at my friends house in Detroit(i live in europe so she will bring me the camera at the end of december). I told her to make some photos and send them to me to see if everything is ok. The photo looks ok, although i think there is a little noise (the wall). I don't understand much about digital cams so if someone would like to see the pic and tell me if everything is ok, i.e. normal for the a610.

kassandro Dec 4, 2005 6:17 PM

You can safely take this camera. It's a wide angle shot with flash tuerned on. There is some darkness in the corner, but this is very likely caused by the flash and not the lense. Noise is visable on the wall, but quite low. Unfortunately the picture was shot with auto iso and in this case Canon conceals the chosen iso in the EXIF header. The picture is very sharp, although it was shot at maximum wide angle with maximal aparture. There are no chromatic aberrations, although the motive is not very suitable to check for chromatic aberrations.
All in all your pic confirms the very favorable reviews of this camera. I think that it is the best advanced entry camera on the market.

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