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furjaw Aug 13, 2006 7:59 PM

I rigged a motion detector to press the shutter release on my Canon G3 camera in order to take pictures of wildlife at my wife's backyard feeder. It works great in the daytime. But, after dark pictures are never in focus.[email protected]/detail?.dir=/b219re2&.dnm=3c5ere2.jpg&.src=ph

I have tried manual focus, but, it stays in manual focus for only a few seconds then goes back to auto focus.

I tried focus lock (I am in program mode), but, it only works for the first picture.

AF-assist Beam is set to ON.

I move the AF Frame over the platform feeder which is about 15 feet from the camera, so it does have something to focus on.

This is supposed to be an advanced amateur camera, so I am disappointed that there is no way to get it to stay in manual focus mode!

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