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I've had my S600 for about 3 months now and for the last month or so I've had aproblem with the way the camera starts up. First of all the camera hasn't been dropped or abused in any way and it worked perfectly till the problem materialized.

It's been a bit of a progressive failure. Initially when the problem popped up I would be greeted by the time setup screen every time Ipowered the camera up. Now when I power the camera up it kicks me to the entire setup routine. It's as if my camera is a completely new camera that has never been powered on every time I turn it on. It doesn't hold any of it's settings. I am able to bypass the setup by pressing the menu button and the camera will function as normal. Just with all the default settings.

Also I have an intermittent problem where I will turn the camera on and it will immediately turn itself right back off. I think it has been doing that since it was new but I don't think I thought much of it since I figured I was hitting the button twice or something.

There hasn't been much I've been able to try to fix it and I haven't seen anything in regards to this type of problem. I did flash the camera with the newest firmware 1.01 and that didn't help anything. I've tried two different batteries with now success. I've tried leaving the batteries out for days on end in the hopes that it would reset itself. I'm guessing I am going to be forced to send it in to casio which after hearing some of the horror stories I am not looking forward to.

If anyone has any tip, tricks, or fixes, please let me know I'd really appreciate it.
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Go to menu and select: set up. Then go to start up and select : off. Also go to Memory and putyour preferences to memory. This should force the camera to do only what is setfor it to do. If it has a mind of it's own then send it back to Casio because it is either defective or possessed. Good luck.Happy halloween!
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