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As for extending the fash range...the Canon SD 500 has a greater range at first blush...however when you turn on the Casio Z750's built into the camera Flash Assist software AND lock the ISO to 50 or ISO 100, you get a very significant boost in range with very little noise (do not use Auto ISO). The simple overpriced Canon does not have that software to extend its flash range.
I went over my shots from last night. I took flash assist shots both with ISO set to auto and manually set to ISO 100. There didn't seem to be a difference between the noise levels as auto ISO doesn't go above 100 – at least it doesn't on my camera. Today I couldn't remember which I took first and the EXIF didn't help. But I knew I posted the manual ISO last night and found a slight difference in the tree branch.

Flash assist is a software solution and you always get a lot of noise pulling up an underexposed shot. Photoshop doesn't do any better for noise. I suspect the noise is already there in the shadows but you don't notice it until you brighten the image.

Taking that same shot with the SD500 I might not have needed enhancement at all. If I did have to bring the shot up it would take a lot less increase and there would have been much less noise. For a given noise level I could bring the SD500 shot up from a much longer range. Software enhancement isn't a substitute for an adequately powerful flash IMO.

Since I have to apply some noise reduction in Photoshop either way, I plan to just leave the flash assist off and use the much more controllable shadow/highlight. You probably wouldn't notice the noise in a small print or displayed at a normal size.

These are blowups of the flash assist shots. I took a 425 pixel wide crop from each shot and upsampled to 700 pixels width. If your results are different please post them. It wouldn't be the first time I overlooked something.



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Well I downloaded the codec and then downloaded the sample video clips from the Casio website. After dragging the clips into iPhoto it was cataloged and shows up just as video from my SD500 does. iMovie seems to work great too. This is good news! I still can't test importing directly from the Camera into iPhoto as i no longer have the Z750. I would be very curious to hear anyones results. All in all this seems like a viable solution. I am very happy with my Canon SD500, but knowing the video from the Casio will work on a Mac without manual conversion, I feel much better recommending it. I now believe the features of the Casio do outweigh those of the Canon in most areas. However, I still feel that the Canon has the edge when it comes to overall image quality, stronger flash and the LCD which powers up in low light. The Canon is also better for Macro shots. Bill, thanks again for this link. And as far as being a PC user.... Can I show you the way? apple.com LOL
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"That's good news about the codec working. Isn't open source nice? :G

As for Macs, I've had a Mac Plus, Mac II, and I still have a Power Mac 6100 in the closet! I am very interested in their switch to Intel (even though I wish it was AMD). It should be trivial to have XP running in a Window inside of OSX. If that is the case, I'll most likely be back to Mac!

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BigBill, I know I'm straying from the subject, but I've been following the intel move closely as well. There have already been reports from numerous developers who received the Powermacs with intel processors that XP is running just fine.This is going to be a very exciting time for Apple. Soon, Windows users will be able to buy a Mac and get the worlds best designed hardware, the most stable, advanced and virus free operating system- OSX with Apple's fully integrated iLife suite and they still won't have to give up the security blanket of being able to boot up into Windows. And we all know what happens once Windows users actually try using a Mac!! It's bye bye Windows! This is truly a brilliant move by Steve Jobs and Apple.
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slipe wrote:
I just went out behind the house and took some flash shots at long range. I couldn't see any difference at all between leaving the ISO on auto with the flash assist or manually restricting it to ISO 100.

I ran the shot without any assist through Photoshop CS shadow/highlight at default settings. Noise was about the same, but Photoshop did a better job. With the SD500 I might not have needed anything. The shadow/highlight would have had more to work with and given less noise had I needed enhancement with a stronger flash.

I've decided to leave the flash assist off and depend on Photoshop. I would have messed with the settings and got the shadow/highlight to my liking. With photo assist you are along for the ride.

No assist, auto ISO went to 100:

No assist (above) with PS shadow/highlight:

Flash assist ISO 100:

I decided to add one with the settings in shadow/highlight tweaked. As you can see you can get it where you want rather than just depend on the camera. This is from the original un-enhanced dark photo.
slipe, do you know how far away you were from the house when you took this?
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as stated by casio and others that this camera its video is not useble on a mac.
this is not true, if you use mac OS x not os 9 you can download video lan client www.vlc.com
which plays everything.
there is also mplayer which ou can use.

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As well as the downloadable Quicktime codec:


For Quicktime on a PC you must have a PC capable of playing Quicktime at highest quality setting for best results, otherwise Windows media player will look better. In Quicktime (with the codec) you can edit the video, adding clips to make an entire movie of any length, but be advised; once edited it can no longer be played in Windows media player.
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