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z750user Feb 22, 2006 4:17 AM

Hi all,

Got my EX-Z750 the other day, love it - the only thing that slightly bugs me is the lowish resolution of the LCD but no big deal (and kinda satisfying in a way to see that the EX-Z850 doesn't improve on it ;))

I've got a couple of questions about the flash on it:

1) Is there any way to soften the flash for close up photos (as the EX-Z850 Soft Flash mode presumably will do)? It can be kind of harsh when taking close up pictures... any recommendations?

2) My dad has a Fuji Finepix F601 (nice but old camera) which had a great "slow sync" flash mode, in which it'd take a flash picture with a 1/4 (or so) shutter speed, which gave a really nice, warm redish (?) tone to photos.

I've tried doing the same on the Z750 (using manual exposure, shutter priority, 1/4 speed, flash on) but it doesn't come out looking like I'd want it to. If anyone has used that camera (or knows what I mean), any suggestions for getting this effect? I tried creating a BestShot using BestMan with 1/4 speed, flesh tone filter, increased saturation, but it's not really what I want... maybe it just comes down to the more powerful (I presume) flash on the Fuji camera, and I'd be better doing this in postprocessing?

Cheers for any advice,

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