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fishycomics Apr 19, 2006 1:21 PM

reading the reviews iam finding tia (thanks in advance);forum_id=14

1 ex-p505 casio, is a 5x optical zoom. how is this camera anyone own it I have viewed the casio site the b & w looked awesome but the sound and vid is not working does this zoom in optical? varound 350.00 usc any sample vids please

2. exilim I looked at the 600 model and it zoomed in on 3x optical but the digital is kicked off. like the features but the natural view finder is smaller then my eye . it seemed to grab foucs a lot better then the kodack, and Olympus models I looked at 10-12 optcial on kodack 10 second to foucs not good. any vids on this andsample vide please

850 is 100 bucks more is it just the extra 2 meg and same camera features. I think i can live with 6 meg , over 8 meg

Now would the Kodak be my compitition to the casio design? they look the same to me

I need to see in person myself and play around before i commet, and most stores here are either no batteries or the sd is blocked with deterent strings

B & H phot will be m stop if I get to the Auto Show this sunday saturday the store is closed.

I have looked at the 7.1 meg olympus newest model 2aa batt system very nice , additiona telewide, and zoom lens

I have looked at the casio, got to fool around as well the 600 series,

I have looked at kodacks 5.0 and 6 meg

olympus and kodack do not zoom in focus.?

thank you for allowing me to post and hop I get some responses

I am in need of a true camera and stepped out of my index lol

zapwizard Apr 19, 2006 11:29 PM

I love my Casio Digital camera's (Own a QVR-51 currently)
I want a 700 series.

We bought a P-505 for work to take product photos, and training videos.
The still image quality is awsome, as good as my QVR-51.

We have found the video quality is also very good, even in average room lighting.
However, at least on ours, you can hear the autofocus, and the zoom.
The zoom isn't as annoying, as many people are used to the sound, but the autofocus sounds like a constant low beeping (like a movie bomb sound effect)

You can eliminate that sound by using pan focus instead of auto-focus, but that only seems to work well at longer ranges.

fishycomics Apr 20, 2006 2:46 AM

thank you for the reply..

the sound is not the important issue its more of Low light video, youu can ileminate the sound by music editing out the voice, I am or have no need to have it but when you need it then its good

as i own my hybrids I hear the clicking in zoom anyway. a noise supresor may cost too much money for casio but lol one day will be fixed? thanx again

fishycomics Apr 26, 2006 4:32 PM

Just love talking to myself Lol

The EX-Z850 may be my best way to go

the 750 is just the model below

i would love to know if its ot quicktime?

I would really concider this due to reading it can last 3 plus hours on record time any samples that some one can upload , what about night movies?

iotp May 7, 2006 1:00 AM

I just picked up the Z850 today at the local Costco. So far, I like it. It replaced a Z750 that died last week. 2nd time, Ugh...

It came with a 256M SD card, I already have a 1GB stick here from the Z750. My question is, will the Z850 take a 4GB card? Haven't been able to figure it out yet for sure.

Reps May 7, 2006 4:19 AM

Just curious (maybe off-topic slightly)- how did Your Z750 die both times?

Best, JR

iotp May 7, 2006 6:05 AM

First: Consistant "lense error".

Second: On a full charge, you'd power on the unit, lense would come out, and that's all. Nothing, couldn't do a damn thing. No LCD, or picture.

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